All you need to know about very dry and damaged hair and how to take care of it

Natural Tips
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Your hair is dull, rough, it is difficult and unpleasant to run your hand through it... Some hair is very dry by nature, but the sun, the wind, the heat of the blow dryer, the brushing and straightening, the colouring... over-solicits and damages your hair. What can you do to protect it and preserve its beauty?


Hair is sometimes very dry by nature. It's because of an oil problem. The sebum, naturally produced by the scalp, normally covers the hair fibre and establishes a hydrolipidic barrier. In the case of naturally very dry hair, either the sebum is not abundant enough because the scalp itself is dry, or it is unable to spread over the entire length: the structure of the hair does not allow it to circulate well, this is the case of curly, frizzy and especially frizzy hair, the driest of all!

But very dry and brittle hair can also be damaged by external causes.

The atmospheric conditions first of all: wind, sun, sea water, chlorine, but also the cold, the rubbing of scarves... leave no respite for our hair. We often come back from the beach with a straw mane, and in winter, we don't know how to protect it.

And of course, all the treatments we inflict on them plead guilty: the dryer too hot, repeated brushing and worse, smoothing and plates... will deteriorate the scales and expose the hair shaft. Likewise, coloring and bleaching will permanently damage the hair. In the long run, if the tissue of the scales is not restored, the keratin becomes fragile and the hair becomes unstructured. So, what can we do to protect, save and preserve our hair?

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1. Brittle and forked hair: keep hair dryer away

If your hair is very dry and damaged, it is essential to slow down the brushing process and dry your hair more gently. Begin by wringing it out in a large towel and let it air-dry. For those who are more sensitive to the cold, braid it. Wavy effect guaranteed! If you can't do without the blow dryer, use it as a finishing touch, in gentle heat, and never within 15cm of the hair. Store the straightener and the plates in the closet until you find a nice material, and always use them with care.

2. A natural routine for very dry hair

This is the big change advocated by girls with frizzy hair who are exhausted by too many treatments: I cut everything (it's the Big Chop!!) and let it grow back by adopting a natural routine, with nutritive and restorative care with the most natural formulas possible. A nutritious shampoo - not too often, so as not to strip an already dry scalp. And above all, care in abundance, with, for example, the 3-in-1 mask with organic Cupuaçu butter and its ultra-nutritive formula with 96% of natural origin ingredients. Once or twice a week, it's the assurance of repairing your hair in depth thanks to Cupuaçu butter, 1.5 times more nutritious than Shea butter*.

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3. Limit staining damage

Chemical colouring and bleaching damages the hair. A few tips to preserve the hair fibre: choose the most natural products possible, and space out the colourings. Be indulgent with your hair: think that a few strands will illuminate your hair and do less damage than a full colouring all over the hair.

Once the colouring is done, I redouble my care to restore the hair fibre.

I fix the colour by spacing out the first shampoos with Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk, extra mild. Don't forget a dab of Cupuaçu 3-in-1 mask on the lengths to nourish and shine. And as a maintenance treatment: once or twice a week, a repairing mask, after shampooing, or as a night care to nourish in depth.

4. Protect very dry hair from the weather.

In summer: adopt a sunscreen, such as Ylang Ylang oil, tie them up, shelter them under a pretty hat, and take care of them with a shampoo-balm routine that cleanses chlorine, salt, and repairs them thoroughly.

In winter: I have my own mats and buns, which I slip under my hat when I go out. And I protect my tips every day with a small amount of 3-in-1 repairing Mask with Organic Cupuaçu butter, as a no-rinse treatment, which will nourish my hair all day long, and help maintain the hydrolipidic film.