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You can look fresh-faced even when you’ve not had enough sleep! Here are a few tips to optimize the sleep you get and conceal your tiredness!

There’s nothing like a good, restorative night’s sleep to leave you looking rested with great skin. Unfortunately, between work, the kids, friends, and stress, it’s all too easy to stay up late and sleep badly. Here are 6 tips to help you make the most of what sleep you do get and have glowing skin… even on very little rest.

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Create a restful bedroom to improve sleep quality

All the experts agree: an uncluttered bedroom that is solely for sleeping will help you get your restorative rest. That means no working in bed, or you’ll be bringing work worries into the bedroom. It’s also important to ban tablets and telephones from the bedroom, to avoid being woken up by notifications. Make sure you can keep the light out of your cocoon properly, so you won’t wake up at sunrise, especially in summer. Be careful not to overheat your room. The experts recommend a temperature of between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius (61 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit), to help you breathe easily.

Sleep in the right position to keep your skin smooth  

Sleep on your back to avoid giving yourself sleep wrinkles. Most importantly, this prevents you waking up with crumpled skin from your pillow or sheets. Don’t hesitate to put several cushions under your back or place a towel under your mattress, to position your chest at a 25- to 30-degree angle. This helps to prevent the appearance of dark circles, because it stops blood accumulating in the vessels of the face during the night.

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Make the most of your nights to regenerate your skin

Whether it’s a puffy, drawn face or dark circles, a lack of sleep leaves its mark on your skin. Be proactive and use nighttime to regenerate your skin with a suitable moisturizing and antioxidant regime. Klorane’s Night Hydration Bath with Organic Cornflower is bursting with powerful active ingredients (hyaluronic acid and dextran sulfate, in particular). It combats nocturnal dehydration, boosts cell renewal and activates microcirculation. The perfect equation for beautiful skin? Complement this overnight care by applying the Klorane Organic Cornflower Serum. This refreshing and reviving water gel deeply hydrates, invigorates and smooths the skin, and boosts the action of your night product.

Take inspiration from yoga to sleep like a baby

Counting sheep isn’t the best way of getting to sleep, especially if you’ve got 1,000 worries on your mind! Andrew Weil, a specialist in alternative medicine at the prestigious Harvard University, took inspiration from the principles of yoga to develop the super simple 4-7-8 technique for getting to sleep. This is what to do: lie down in bed, place the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth and keep it there throughout the exercise. Then breathe in deeply through your nose, counting slowly to 4. Next, hold your breath as you count to 7. Finally, breathe out loudly through your mouth, counting to 8. The researcher guarantees that if repeated for a few minutes, this method, which is based on regulating your breathing, will help you fall quickly into a deep, restful sleep.

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Stay well hydrated during the day for beautiful skin when you wake up

Insufficient hydration disturbs the sleep cycle and leaves you looking tired in the morning, because your thirsty skin will appear dull. To get out of bed with glowing skin, remember to drink plenty throughout the day, stopping two hours before you go to bed, to avoid multiple trips to the bathroom during the night. Keep your evening meal light. If it’s too heavy, it will take a long time to digest, which will prevent you falling into a deep sleep quickly. And no alcohol. Not only does it cause dehydration, it also dilates the blood vessels and makes your skin red and puffy when you wake up.

An invigorating start to the day for a rosy glow

Our body clock is very sensitive to light. Not had much sleep? Don’t worry. To help wake up your body, let in the sunlight or turn on the lights as soon as your alarm wakes you up. Next, drink a large glass of water with lemon juice, to deeply hydrate your skin and body. You’re ready for action! To stimulate blood circulation, start by walking around your home quickly for five minutes, breaking this up with a few stretches. This little exercise session will energize your complexion as well as your body. Now it’s time to wake up your skin. Start with a splash of cool water on your face, then a cotton ball soaked in micellar water with organically farmed cornflower to gently eliminate toxins. The Klorane Cornflower routine will allow you to erase the signs of fatigue: start by applying the Invigorating Wake-Up Serum, which is rich in hyaluronic acid to boost skin hydration, and in tapioca extract for a smooth face. Finish with a five-minute massage using your Cornflower Water Cream, to stimulate microcirculation in the face and hydrate your skin for the whole day. If you’ve not had much sleep, remember to keep your make-up light: if you put too much on your face and around your eyes, it will accentuate the signs of tiredness. And that’s it: your sleepless secret is safe, and you can start the day with fresh-looking, plumped-up skin and a naturally rosy complexion.

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Nobody will know that you’ve not had your 8 hours of sleep: you can go about your day glowing and gorgeous!