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NATURAL CHECKING Solid shampoo, should we go for it?

Easy to travel with, water-saving, compact packaging... solid shampoo makes some very convincing arguments. But is it as effective as conventional shampoo? And if so, should you banish liquids from your life like a toxic ex? Is waterless the new trend to adopt or risk being singled out? Let’s find out!

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Solid shampoo is more economical than conventional shampoo

TRUE: Because it is highly concentrated in active ingredients, 1 80 g bar of solid shampoo is the equivalent of two 200 ml bottles! While a liquid shampoo contains between 10% and 15% surfactants, a solid shampoo contains between 40% and 60%! A good deal then, especially as there is no risk of wasting it by squeezing the bottle to hard.


Solid shampoo saves water

TRUE: And yes, it is also good for the planet. By the time it reaches you, its manufacture has already drastically reduced water consumption: barely 5% to 10% of the final formula, compared to up to 80% for a liquid shampoo! What's more, once it's in your hands, there's no need to repeat wash: a single shampoo is enough, so less water is used in the shower... unless you like to sing.


Solid shampoo doesn’t lather

FALSE: Like a liquid shampoo, a foam appears as soon as you rub it gently with water! Rich in surfactants, solid shampoo lathers and is just as pleasant and effective as liquid shampoo. Stop looking at him like that: you'll hurt his feelings!


Switching to solid shampoo takes some getting used to

FALSE: Is there a transition period for oily/dry/dull (insert any other stereotypes here) hair? Not at all! Switching to solid shampoo is gentle and painless. The formulations are almost identical to a classic shampoo; we just removed the water. But there's nothing to stop you taking it in turns, or even slipping it into your bag for those occasions when carrying a bottle around isn't really practical!


Our natural and effective advice


At Klorane, our waterless formulas are sulphate-free and concentrated in surfactants and nourishing plant oils.


With 90% less water, our solid shampoos are true champions for the planet, without sacrificing pleasure and sensoriality. With mango or oatmeal, they complete our flagship ranges with ultra-gentle, rich, and eco-designed products. Let yourself be tempted!

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