Baby moisturisers

Baby moisturisers

The benefits of Calendula, with its essential protective and soothing properties, are available in a complete range of products dedicated to moisturising your baby. Formulas with natural active ingredients, tested under dermatological and paediatric control, to guarantee their safety. And there you go—one less mental burden for you!

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Klorane gives you the best of plants to moisturise those who matter most!  

Moisturising your baby: Klorane has unearthed the Calendula flower just for you

For over 50 years, Klorane has been committed to cultivating nature with respect and preserving its resources to create products that reflect your image. Environmentally conscious botanists travel our beautiful planet to select plants with exceptional properties. They are constantly discovering new active ingredients from around the world and their inexhaustible wealth of benefits.

Over time, we continue to innovate in order to reveal and preserve your beauty. Klorane drew inspiration from the lands of northern Spain to harvest calendula officinalis L. from organically grown flowers. We have carefully selected this flower for its powerful anti-inflammatory and repairing properties. 

Called garden marigold, it is a remedy of choice for the most fragile skin, such as that of infants. Calendula will soften, heal and, above all, moisturise the driest skin. It’s for all these reasons that Klorane has made it the main active ingredient in its moisturising baby cream and its moisturising baby lotion.

In order to give you the best, Klorane manufactures this rich baby cream, a moisturising lotion and all the essential baby care products in the Tarn region—in the very heart of France, Klorane ensures effective traceability and works in complete transparency, with thoughtful and committed partnerships and actions to safeguard our environment so that we can continue to enjoy the benefits it offers us for a long time to come.

A whole range of products to moisturise baby's skin at every moment of the day

From birth, babies' skin requires special attention. Protected from aggressions in the mother's womb, the first few months of life put this fragile little being to quite the test. It’s essential to find a rich baby cream to provide all the necessary hydration.

Klorane presents a range of baby moisturisers to help you take care of your child as naturally as possible. We offer a wide range of Calendula-based baby products and baby creams rich in active ingredients. To ensure your baby’s skin is deeply moisturised, come and discover our Calendula baby moisturiser, enriched with plant-based oils and with a 97% natural formula.

Its naturally soft and relaxing fragrance will envelop your baby in a comforting and protective atmosphere. This rich baby moisturising cream will protect and moisturise your baby's skin—a product that mothers will love. The moisturising baby lotion, specially designed for the sensitive and delicate skin of babies, helps to restore the natural balance of the most fragile skin.

This moisturising lotion will help prevent skin dryness and preserve the hydrolipidic film while leaving baby's skin smelling sweet. Discover this range of care you can use to moisturise baby’s skin any time of the day, featuring a cleansing cream that nourishes their skin in the bath and doesn’t sting the eyes. The cleansing gel prevents dry skin while gently cleansing. The liniment, ointment, spray and powder are all ways of getting rid of baby's rash for good.

Moisturising properties approved by our babies

Klorane seeks out the most gentle active ingredients from nature, carefully selected to offer you the most precious things plants have to offer. This beautiful flower, Calendula, has been renowned since ancient times for its beneficial medicinal properties.

It is the plant of choice for the creation of a rich cream with soothing, regenerating and antiseptic properties, perfect for moisturising your baby's skin. The baby lotion and moisturising cream, as well as the special redness product, is the perfect combination to soothe inflammation during teething and repair fragile skin during regular daytime nappy changes.

Calendula is most famous for its dermatological benefits, making it the basis of many creams for redness, sunburn, eczema and other skin problems. Itching and cradle cap will be a thing of the past and will disappear under the miraculous effect of Calendula officinalis. Even mums can enjoy its beneficial effects on chapped skin due to breastfeeding, or simply to combine make-up removal and moisturising. The whole family will have moisturised and regenerated skin—because everyone’s skin is important to us.

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