SOS Anti-Fatigue

SOS Anti-Fatigue

Since most of us tend to live a fast-paced life, we’ve created an express anti-fatigue care range to boost the radiance of your eyes, even if you’ve only slept 4 hours. Active ingredients with organic Cornflower and hyaluronic acid have been carefully selected to help you tackle the day without any signs of fatigue!

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A dull complexion, drawn features, puffiness, dark circles... If the slightest sign of fatigue can be seen on your face, then it's time to adopt an effective healthy glow routine with our range of organic Cornflower anti-fatigue face care products.  

Anti-fatigue face care with organic Cornflower

For more than 50 years, Klorane has been putting all its botanical expertise at the service of your well-being. As a pioneer in dermocosmetics and plant-based skin care, Klorane is constantly innovating to respect your health and the environment. Our products are made in the Tarn region of France from carefully selected natural plant ingredients.

The skin of the face is constantly exposed to external aggressions, the cold, sun, and pollution, and is also subject to stress and fatigue. It’s essential to preserve it with quality products, paying particular attention to the eye contour, a thinner and more fragile area.

Do you want to achieve a fresh and rested complexion? Adopt good habits in the morning and evening and establish a beauty routine. Regular application of appropriate care products will restore radiance, suppleness and luminosity to damaged skin. Our organic Cornflower anti-fatigue face care products are suitable for all skin types, and particularly for dehydrated and tired skin.

Energising and moisturising face care routine

  • Tone:

On perfectly cleansed skin, apply a pump of the Wake-up Call Serum to stimulate it and give it a boost of radiance. The serum will quench your skin's thirst and help the action of the moisturiser. Don’t hesitate to use it on the face, neck and eye contour for a radiant and invigorated look.

  • Energise the eyes:

Particularly sensitive, the eye contour is the area of the face that most quickly shows signs of fatigue. It’s therefore essential not to neglect it. Once a week, apply our Smoothing and Soothing Eye Patches to depuff your under-eye bags and reduce dark circles and fine lines in just 15 minutes. In the morning and evening, reactivate microcirculation thanks to the massaging and refreshing effect of the Anti-Fatigue Eye Roll-on. Your skin will become supple and luminous again, leaving your eyes looking refreshed and relaxed.

The benefits of organic cornflower and other natural active ingredients in our anti-fatigue care products

Organic cornflower is the star ingredient in our anti-fatigue face care range. At Klorane, we’ve been using it since 1967. This pretty, colourful and bright country flower has undeniably effective soothing and depuffing properties. We grow it following a certified organic process and produce it in a short supply chain in Occitanie, within a 48 km radius between our fields and our factories. Local production allows us to extract a quality organic floral water to manufacture products that are healthy for the skin while reducing our environmental impact.

Cornflower water offers numerous natural properties:

  • Calming and moisturising, it nourishes and soothes skin tightness, redness and irritation.
  • Depuffing, it reduces the swelling of under-eye bags, stimulates blood microcirculation and diminishes dark circles.
  • Anti-ageing, it tones and plumps the skin.
  • Astringent, it tightens the pores of combination to oily skin.

We combine organic Cornflower with the following natural active ingredients:

  • 100% plant-based hyaluronic acid with moisturising and plumping powers;
  • dextran sulphate for its anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle action;
  • Organic Edelweiss, rich in antioxidants, excellent for fighting signs of ageing.

Made in France with natural formulas, our products have been specially designed to respect your well-being and limit our carbon footprint. Each ingredient is rigorously selected according to criteria of safety, effectiveness and tolerance. All the active ingredients in our anti-fatigue face care range work in synergy to restore comfort, hydration and radiance to the skin. For a radiant and fresh face, take action!

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