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DYE YOUR HAIR NATURALLY Camomile can be used to lighten blonde or brown hair naturally

This large aromatic herb with flowers that look like daisies, is not only good for making teas to help you sleep. For 50 years, the Klorane laboratories have used it for its natural lightening qualities to brightening blonde hair or naturally lighten light brown hair. This Mediterranean plant is a true ray of sunshine!

What types of hair is camomile recommended for?

Camomile and its lightening effect is recommended for:

- Men and women with blonde hair who want to naturally lighten their hair without going to the hairdresser’s 

- Men and women with light brown hair who want to have beautiful blonde highlights

- Anyone who want to maintain their blonde hair colour 

- Anyone in the family over the age of 3.

However, camomile may not have a visible effect on darker hair. For coloured hair, we recommend Klorane's Pomegranate-based range to maintain and restore colour.


The benefits of camomile

 The camomile selected by Klorane contains a natural active ingredient called apigenin.

It is a natural yellow pigment present in the petals of the flower that adheres in a gentle way to the cuticles without penetrating the core of blonde or light blonde hair. Klorane's camomile is grown in Egypt in a way that respects the local ecosystem, moreover, the quality of each harvested plant is controlled by following the specifications of Pierre Fabre's Botanical Expertise.

A few words from our botanist

Camomile is effective on hair without compromising its integrity, as apigenin does not penetrate the hair shaft. It's the best option to lighten blonde hair in a 100% natural way.

Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist

How can you enjoy the brightening benefits of camomile through Klorane?

Give your blonde or brown hair a natural and non-damaging “sun-bleached” effect. Gorgeous natural golden highlights guaranteed.
Camomile shampoo for golden hair

Camomile shampoo for golden hair

It's Klorane's most iconic shampoo. For 50 years, this camomile shampoo has been gently bringing shine and natural blonde highlights to the hair of the whole family from the age of 3.

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Get silky, tangle-free hair with the camomile conditioner

Get silky, tangle-free hair with the camomile conditioner

This conditioning balm with camomile instantly repairs, brightens and detangles blonde hair. Hair naturally bounces off light and regains its shine, softness and silkiness.

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Get that sun-kissed glow thanks to the camomile lightening spray

Get that sun-kissed glow thanks to the camomile lightening spray

Enriched with camomile extract and honey, this spray gradually illuminates and brightens blonde hair for the whole family (after the age of 3). Hair achieves a lovely sun-kissed look, it’s softer, more radiant and shiny.

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What people are saying

I discovered Klorane's camomile shampoo when I was a little girl in my mum's bathroom, who also used it to lighten her blonde hair. It’s a must-have for me!

Marie22 years old


Summer is blonde hair’s worst enemy!

Blonde hair, like fair skin, is more vulnerable in summer because it lacks the pigments that provide natural UV protection. Faced with an increasing number of aggressive factors (salt, UV, chlorine, sand, etc.), there is a risk that your hair will become damaged, or even turn green from the chlorine.

In summer, remember to rinse and wash your hair every time you go to the beach or pool to remove salt or chlorine residue with the Klorane Chamomile range and use the illuminating spray 2 to 3 times a week on dry or wet hair to maximise the natural lightening action of chamomile.



Why is it essential to moisturise your hair?

From blow-drying to pollution, hair is subjected to multiple aggressions on a daily basis that alter its fibre and in the long run, its resistance capacity. It is therefore essential to provide your with deep nourishment and repair. Discover our tips on how to hydrate and nourish your hair daily.

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