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OUR PLANTS Aquatic Mint

Known for its detoxifying properties.

Everything you need to know about our aquatic mint

Aquatic Mint is known for its detoxifying properties on the scalp.
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NAME  Aquatic Mint


BOTANICAL NAME  Mentha aquatica l.

FORM  Hydroglycolic extract

INCI NAME Mentha aquatica leaf extract

ORIGIN   France

HARVEST May and October

SECTOR Internal and HEV (High Environmental Value) organic farming


What does it look like?

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Native to southern Europe, aquatic mint is a wetland plant that thrives near ponds, streams and rivers.
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Aquatic mint is characterised by its velvety, fluted stems punctuated by oval, toothed leaves that are 4 to 8 centimetres long and are a pale green colour often tinged with purple.
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Our botanists selected Aquatic mint, Mentha Aquatica L. for its high polyphenol content- this species has the highest concentration of antioxidants. . Aquatic mint has demonstrated its scientifically proven decontaminating and detoxifying properties having been used to purify water containing heavy metals and toxic particles out in the field.
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Found on all continents, this perennial from the Lamiaceae family blooms on our land from July to October and is adorned with a multitude of small five-petalled flowers that form a pretty, round bouquet with colours ranging from white to mauve at the top.


Why is it so effective for your hair?

Product build-up, environmental residue, sweat and excess oil all affect scalp heath and ultimately the health of our hair. A healthy scalp care routine involves using products that can remove this build-up without drying or stripping to maintain the natural balance of the scalp. Because " scalp-care "is the new hair care. Dull, lifeless, hair can be a direct result from build -up or excess residue that hasn’t been properly removed. 

When our botanists discovered that Mentha aquatica L. could purify contaminated water, we were inspired to see what Aquatic mint could do for your hair and scalp! The results? A scientifically proven natural detox for the scalp and lighter, shinier hair. Aquatic mint is organically farmed and harvested in the southwest of France—home to Klorane.

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A few words from our expert

We obtain a 100% natural extract from Aquatic mint using green chemistry; a patented thermomechanical extraction process without using water or solvents to preserve that optimises the mint’s natural properties. Our hair detox formulas are developed within a 50km radius of the field, ensuring a short supply chain!

Alexandre Panel
Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist


Our commitment

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Social commitment

Aquatic mint has been used to restore the ecosystem of the river running through Cévennes National Park, in the southwest of France in a not-for-profit initiative between Klorane Botanical Foundation and the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research). Historically the site of one of Europe’s biggest mines, the polluted river is being decontaminated through phytoremediation, using the absorbent abilities of Aquatic mint roots to purify and detoxify water from toxic algae and heavy metals.
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Respect for the environment

Aquatic mint is organically farmed and harvested in the southwest of France—home to Klorane.

Klorane supports research

Klorane has joined forces with the CNRS to work on phytoremediation

The prestigious Tsinghua University in China recently highlighted the depolluting and purifying properties that Mentha aquatica L. has on contaminated fresh water. Aquatic mint has been used to protect the ecosystem of the Cévennes National Park through the Klorane Botanical Foundation and the CNRS. Rich in antioxidants, the plant’s scientifically proven detoxifying properties help purify the polluted rivers from heavy metals. 

Decontamination in action

This collaboration has led to concrete actions to clean up pollution and protect the environment

Aquatic mint was used in 2 ways: filtration columns with Aquatic mint powder were installed upstream to purify the contaminated water. Downstream, live aquatic mint was planted along the riverbank and pond to filter the water a second time. Mint roots act as a filter to retain heavy metals, which are recycled and reused by this industry. A new all-natural, environmentally-friendly method to depollute our waterways! 


Did you know?

Archaeologists have found dried mint leaves in Egyptian burials as early as the 1st century BC. While Assyrians and Babylonians used it to aid digestion, the Hebrews made body oil with it. As for the Greeks, they banned it from soldiers because they considered it an aphrodisiac!

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Klorane has been taking care of you and nature for over 50 years.

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Klorane chose the olive tree for the exceptional anti-ageing properties of its fruit. The olive tree has been a symbol of resistance and longevity since antiquity.

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The citron that we cultivate under the Corsican sun offers incredible purifying, clarifying power to hair that gets greasy quickly.

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