Leave-in hair treatments

Leave-in hair treatments

Because your hair sometimes has very specific needs, we have created hair creams that complement shampoo and conditioner, to nourish the hair fibre in a single leave-in product.

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Mango routine: nourishing leave-in hair care

Your hair is put to the test every day: pollution, sun, chlorine and salt water. The evidence is clear: your hair suffers considerably from dehydration. Is your hair split, brittle, damaged and dry? Discover our nourishing solution: the leave-in cream with Mango. Klorane offers products with a soul, made in France from carefully selected active ingredients such as Mango, to remedy this issue. This fruit comes from the mango tree, an ancient and sacred tree from Asia. Klorane harvests the Mango by hand, before it is ripe, for a high concentration of its active ingredients. Rich in fatty acids and polysaccharides, it is the ideal ally to nourish and protect your hair. In addition to its nourishing properties, it also has antioxidant benefits, slowing the appearance of wrinkles. The ultra-nourishing butter is extracted from the Mango pit through a cold pressing technique. It restores moisture to dry and tired hair by closing damaged hair cuticles. The porous effect disappears and your hair becomes soft and supple after applying the cream.  

Mango conditioners: a complete treatment

Our Mango conditioner range offers you a complete beauty routine, from the Mango conditioner to the Mango mask and day cream. This combination of three Mango products brings your hair fibre back to life, for deeply nourished and revitalised hair. Nourishing, detangling and enhancing are the commitments of our Mango conditioner range. Don't hesitate to visit our shop to complete your routine with the Mango shampoo. This routine is divided into three steps. A mask for deep hydration and healthy hair, a conditioner for daily hydration, and a cream to prolong and enhance the newly restored beauty of your hair. The Mango Mask should only be applied to dry areas and not to the scalp. Remember to pay particular attention to your ends. You can use it as part of a weekly beauty routine until the problem is solved and then use it as a preventive treatment to keep your hair looking its best. As for the Mango conditioner, spread 1 to 3 squeezes all over your hair, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse.

Focus on the Nourishing Leave-in Cream with Mango: an exceptional leave-in treatment

Now let's discover Klorane’s Mango hair cream for weak, dry, brittle and damaged hair. Rich in fatty acids,extracted from Mangifera indica L, the Mango hair cream is an ultra-moisturising treatment to restore your dry hair's shine. This treatment can be perfectly incorporated into your daily hair beauty routine. Its melting, rich and fluid texture deeply nourishes your hair for a supple and silky effect. Easy to style, say goodbye to brittle hair and dry, split ends. On dry or damp hair, simply apply the leave-in hair cream to your lengths, paying special attention to the ends. Leave for 20-30 minutes. You can wrap a warm towel around your hair to intensify the treatment. As Klorane Mango cream is a leave-in treatment, you can use it to style your hair. Practical and quick, due to its one-step application, it can be used as often as necessary, for a nourishing and protective action throughout the day. Restore your hair's natural beauty with this moisturising treatment.

This Mango leave-in treatment provides your hair with intense hydration. The hair follicle is deeply nourished thanks to the benefits of Mango. Your hair is nourished and transformed. The cuticles of your hair are strengthened, sheathed and hair loss is slowed down, as is greying. Leaving your hair supple, bouncy, soft, shiny and radiant, it will quickly become your best beauty friend. Say goodbye to split ends as your depleted hair finally comes back to life. 

With Klorane's Mango routine, you can give your dry hair all the benefits of products made with exceptional plant extracts. Bring the botanical soul of Klorane to your hair. Give it the best of the Mango, with our ultra-nourishing cream for the hair. The Mango routine promises intensely hydrated, supple, lightweight and silky hair. Adopt a new hair care routine to restore all the shine your hair’s been missing. Left delicately scented with Mango, your hair will add a delectably sweet touch to your natural beauty. Order your ultra-nourishing Mango Cream now from our online shop or your favourite pharmacy for a quality Mango routine.

Pomegranate leave-in cream for colour-treated hair

If you have coloured or highlighted hair, Klorane also offers a pomegranate leave-in treatment that naturally intensifies the shine of your colour, enhances your highlights and protects your colour from oxidation.

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