Hair loss and tired hair

Hair loss and tired hair

Do you notice more hair on your brush than usual? Does it look dull and fall out? Don't worry: it's never too late to act! Here are our highly effective natural care products to restore strength and vitality to your weakened hair, in just a few simple steps.

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Care products for tired hair and hair loss

When the hair has been mistreated or stressed by overly aggressive products, or by inappropriate or repetitive treatments, the hair fibre becomes weakened or even partially destroyed. As it is damaged, it becomes porous. Exposed to the elements, the hair suffers more and more damage, as it no longer has any keratin – its main component – to protect it. This can lead to split ends, a lack of shine, and fragility, leaving the hair brittle and less resistant to the simple forces of styling. The overall appearance of your hair suffers, looking tired and dull. Also, hair loss can occur for many reasons: stress, pregnancy, menopause, medication and heredity are all factors that can cause hair loss.  

Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem and Klorane offers a range of hair care products for tired hair, which will help you to restore your hair to its full health. The role of hair care products for tired hair is to help your hair regain its health by providing the nutrients it needs, thus restoring your hair's beauty and shine. These products are all formulated with natural ingredients carefully and rigorously selected for their high quality active ingredients—the brand's signature.

Klorane care products for tired hair

Klorane, by selecting choice active ingredients from plants, has found Quinine to be the ideal natural ingredient for the composition of its care line for tired hair, to reconstruct its fibres. It’s an ingredient derived from the bark of the cinchona, renowned for its fortifying and stimulating qualities. The active ingredient used in Klorane products is a patented active ingredient, resulting from the collection and concentration of cinchona bark. Through this patent, the brand thus offers a unique superior quality of this molecule, a point of honour that it strives to incorporate throughout the entire circuit, from the cultivation of plants to the formulation of its products.

Klorane offers a line of products loaded with the active ingredient Quinine, with a focus on using them in several stages, whether simultaneously or consecutively, so that good hair quality is maintained once it has been restored. First, hair loss is slowed down. Next, the growth of better-quality hair is stimulated. The health achieved is then maintained and strengthened by the joint use of products formulated with the same key ingredient in our hair care for tired hair: Quinine. Thus, you can opt for the Quinine and Organic Edelweiss Hair Strengthening Serum. In addition to Quinine, this serum contains caffeine, B vitamins and keratin. This serum combats hair loss issues caused by events, trauma or treatment.

With each wash, the regular use of the Quinine and Edelweiss shampoo will stimulate hair growth. It can be used alone if no hair loss issues have been observed. The Klorane shampoo from the tired hair care range contains Quinine, Edelweiss and B vitamins. When taken at the same time, the dietary supplement from the Quinine range will provide a remarkable boost of nutrients and actively support your care products, making them even more effective. These capsules contain B vitamins and keratin. They are also composed of zinc and selenium, which are minerals and amino acids that contribute to the proper functioning of the skin.

The benefits of Klorane products for tired hair and hair loss

The active ingredients used by KLORANE are always derived from carefully selected plants, in accordance with the brand's core values. Formulated with high quality and natural active ingredients, the care products for tired hair provide nutrients and vitamins. These reinforcements help to rebuild the damaged hair fibre, sheathe and protect it. The structure of the hair is strengthened, leaving your locks stronger and more voluminous. And completely healthy.

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