Baby nappy changing

Baby nappy changing

The benefits of Calendula, with its essential natural, protective and soothing properties, are available in a complete range of products dedicated to your baby’s nappy changes. Formulas with natural active ingredients, tested under dermatological and paediatric control, to guarantee their safety. And there you go—one less mental burden for you!

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Baby wipes? Ointment? Spray? With so many products available, it's not always easy to make the right decisions about baby hygiene care. Of course, you want the best for your baby and their delicate skin, but also for the environment. Klorane understands your concerns as a parent and is committed to reassuring you by offering you the best care with products that have heart and soul—all made in France from active ingredients selected carefully with your baby in mind.  

Klorane helps you with baby's intimate hygiene

Considered a real ritual, baby's hygiene routine must be performed gently. A special moment between a parent and child, washing naturally leads to smiles and bursts of laughter—so many tender moments that must be ultra-gentle, particularly in the choice of products used. Klorane's Calendula range is perfect for your baby's fragile skin, with a selection of cleansing products adapted to each step of their hygiene routine. For daily nappy changes and to ensure your baby's skin is soft and redness-free, the Calendula care range is ideal. The soothing calendula cleanser allows you to clean your baby several times a day without irritating the skin. And to finish off baby's routine on a relaxing note, there's nothing like a scented water to end this little ritual with a natural touch of softness.

Products in the Calendula care range

The Calendula nappy change care products are the natural allies of soft, redness-free skin. Renowned for its repairing and anti-inflammatory properties, the Calendula chosen by Klorane is organically grown in the north of Spain. Aware that the well-being of your babies also concerns the environment, Klorane has chosen to use biodegradable rinse-off formulas in order to reduce the environmental impact of its products. With the same objective, the packaging is eco-designed. Baby changing products are tailored to the preferences of both parents and babies, as they are available in the form of a protective powder, a baby spray, an ointment or a liniment.

The baby hygiene range also includes natural and no-rinse products to clean and refresh your baby's soft skin wherever you are. Klorane has created baby changing products with travel-friendly packaging that is easy to use wherever you are: cleansing lotion, wipes, cleansing water or a fresh scented water...

For that sweet moment at the end of baby's nappy change, Klorane has opted for a scented water with sweet and fruity notes, always suited to your child's delicate skin.

The benefits of the Calendula baby care range

The ingredients in the baby nappy change range are 96% natural. The baby liniment, ointment and the spray are made with olive oil, as well as zinc oxide, whose naturally protective virtues have long been proven. The formula of the ointment, baby spray and liniment is alcohol-free and allows you to gently clean your baby's skin while softening and nourishing it. The baby powder, liniment, ointment and spray will also prevent and reduce your child's redness.

The baby care range is made up of 98% natural ingredients. The cleansing lotion is enriched with plant-based oil, which nourishes normal to dry skin, combined with calendula and its soothing properties. The scented water will refresh your baby's skin and hair in a delicate and fragrant way. The baby wipes are made of 100% biodegradable natural fibres. These baby wipes will soften, moisturise and clean your child's skin.

Finally, the scented baby water features notes of white flowers that bring tenderness and softness to this soothing moment. The fresh scent of this baby eau de toilette is fruity and relaxing for your child, whose senses will be awakened. Always respecting your child's health, Klorane’s scented water for baby is alcohol-free.

In addition, the practical product packaging in this range is a true help for parents: the baby wipes are easy to carry; the baby spray bottle ensures practical, hygienic and quick use; the baby cleansing water has a "one-handed" pump which is simpler, safer and more convenient for parents. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the products in the Calendula care range offer you quality time with your baby.

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