Your luscious routine to deeply nourish dry hair.

Mangifera indica L.

Mango hair care range

Your luscious routine to deeply nourish dry hair.

Rich in nutritious fatty acids, mango butter is nature's secret for reviving dry hair. Intensely nourished and protected, our mango range will leave your hair soft, shiny and deliciously scented Discover our delectable mango range formulated to nourish and protect dry hair.

Shampoo Bar with Mango

Mango Hair Shampoo Bar with Mango

Nourishes - Enhances shine - Cleans

Shampoo with Mango

Mango Hair Shampoo with Mango

Nourishes - Enhances shine - Cleans

Conditioner with Mango

Mango Hair Conditioner with Mango

Nourishes - Detangles - Leaves a glossy finish

Nourishing Mask with Mango

Mango Hair Nourishing Mask with Mango

Nourishes - Enhances shine

Wash, detangle and nourish your hair daily

Get soft, shiny hair with Klorane's Mango routine.


Nourished hair with every wash

  • Gently cleanses dry hair without drying
  • Detangles hair for easy brushing to limit breakage
  • Intensely nourishes hair without weighing it down

Mango butter instantly moisturises and protects dry hair. Your hair is soft and silky from the first wash.


Deeply nourish and moisturise your hair from the very first use

Nourish and protect dry hair with the Klorane hair care range enriched with mango butter.

A few words from our expert

The unique properties of mango help reinforce the hair’s hydrolipidic film and gives it just the right amount of nutrition for softeness and shine without weighing it down. Not to mention the creamy, melty texture and delicious tropical fragrance!

Alexandre Panel
Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist

Our experts answer your questions

Mango butter is full of good fatty acids ideal for deeply nourishing dry hair. Mango butter coats and nourishes hair fibres, making hair softer and more supple. For nourished, soft, shiny hair from the very first application.

Our mango-based hair care products are all biodegradable* and formulated with up to 98% natural-origin ingredients. Mango butter is harvested from the core of the fruit, concentrated in fatty acids and active ingredients with exceptional nutritional power. We extract this rich butter by cold pressing, without using water or solvents, to preserve all its amazing nutritional qualities. You can find the exact ingredients of each product on the product page of the website.

*OECD 301B test

We harvest the kernels and extract our rich mango butter from fruit grown in the Caribbean. Inedible, the mango seeds are usually seen as useless and discarded as waste. By making use of this by-product for our mango range, it’s a win/win! An eco-friendly resource for us and additional income for local communities.


Did you know?

According to Buddhist texts, the Buddha master was given an orchard of mango trees by a courtesan so that he could meditate in the shade of their large leaves.

Since then, planting a mango tree is an act of wisdom and faith as a sign of devotion to Buddha.

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