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Natural facial skincare

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How do I take care of my facial skin naturally?

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration, and the incredible healing powers of plants are almost infinite. Thanks to our botanical soul, our pharmaceutical expertise and our deep respect for your skin’s health, we are able to bring the plants to you.
Let's find out together what nature can do to take care of your face while protecting the planet!


The number of days in the skin's cell renewal cycle


The Yuka score of our Peony* facial skincare


The minimum % of natural ingredients in our products


The % of our active ingredients that are certified organic for our facial skincare ranges

Facial skincare tips and tricks

Understanding (and caring for) my skin type


Understanding oily skin

Shiny skin, blemishes: oily skin is often difficult to live with. Understanding the causes of excess sebum is essential to better regulate it and find the right purifying routine.

Discover skincare for oily skin

All about dehydrated and tired skin

When the skin is thirsty, it lacks suppleness, the complexion becomes dull and fine lines appear. How can I wake up my skin and plump it up? We explain how to give your skin the water it so badly needs. 

Our advice for dehydrated skin

Soothe dry or sensitive skin

Often synonymous with discomfort, dry skin knows when it is lacking in nutrients. Reinforcing the skin barrier and providing the right amount of nutrition are the main issues for dry or sensitive skin. Our experts explain how to naturally soothe the most demanding skin.

Everything you need to know about caring for skin lacking in nutrition

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 Why should I use the wisdom of plants to take care of my skin?

Botany is full of beauty secrets and benefits that are essential for the comfort and health of the skin. All is needed is someone who can harvest them! Combining sensoriality, naturalness and respect for the environment, skincare products based on active plant ingredients are the best solution for taking care of your skin and the planet. Each ingredient has been selected by our botanists according to its benefits and the effectiveness of its active ingredients for a natural way to keep skin healthy and looking beautiful. At Klorane, the right answer is (always) in nature.

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