The routine for hydrating, soothing and protecting your little one's skin.

Calendula officinalis L.

Baby products with Calendula

The routine for hydrating, soothing and protecting your little one's skin.

Take care of your baby's skin at every moment of the day, when bathing, changing and washing. Our calendula products are formulated to respect the fragile skin of babies, to protect it from drying and to calm irritations thanks to the soothing action of organically grown Calendula.

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Wash baby's skin and hair gently to make bath time a relaxing experience

Take care of your baby's skin with the soothing, moisturising and protective action of organically grown Calendula.


Wash, moisturise and protect your toddler's skin

  • Doesn't sting the eyes
  • Gently cleanses the body, face and hair
  • Intensely nourishes dry skin

With our Calendula Baby products, bath time becomes a moment of relaxation. Our biodegradable formulas safely clean, soothe and protect babies' delicate skin.


Calm irritations, soothe the skin and prevent redness

Prevent and treat dry skin and irritation with Calendula, a plant with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.


Protect your baby's skin and soothe irritations

  • Prevents and treats nappy rash
  • Gently cleanses and absorbs moisture
  • Strengthens infants' fragile skin barrier

Protect your baby's delicate skin with the naturally soothing properties of organically grown Calendula.


Klorane's commitment to children

Passing on the passion for botany to children: this is the purpose of the Graine de Botaniste programme.  

It's never too early to learn about the wonders of nature. The Klorane Botanical Foundation launched the " Graine de Botaniste " programme to pass on its passion for botany and educate kids from a very early age on the need to protect biodiversity. What better way than by immersing them in the fascinating world of plants to encourage them to protect it?


Everyday baby products to take everywhere

Easy-to-carry products to cleanse and protect baby's delicate skin any time of the day.


Gently cleanse your baby's skin wherever you are.

  • Convenient "one-hand" pump when changing babies out and about
  • Leave-in hair treatments
  • 97% or more naturally-derived ingredients

Refresh and protect your baby's skin throughout the day. On-the-go products can be carried in your bag - biodegradable and no need to rinse!


Our experts answer your questions

All Calendula Baby products are made from at least 96% naturally-derived ingredients. We have been using organically grown Calendula for over 50 years in our baby skin-care products for its soothing and repairing properties. Our formulas do not contain any parabens, alcohol, dyes or other substances potentially harmful to infants. You can find the exact ingredients of each product on the product pages on the website.

Our Calendula Baby products have shown the highest level of tolerance, following a clinical study carried out under paediatric, dermatological and ophthalmological control. During this study, 96% of parents interviewed recommended Klorane Calendula Baby products.
* Study involving 1392 people including 532 babies.

Calendula Baby products are suitable to use from birth. They contain no harmful substances and are safe for use on infants.

Klorane is committed to nature: our Calendula Baby cleansing products are biodegradable, and we take steps to limit the environmental impact of our packaging. The Klorane Botanical Foundation also offers a nature education programme, " Petite Graine de Botaniste ", which aims to make children aware of the benefits of plants and nature from an early age.


Did you know?

Known as " the bride of the sun ", Calendula gets its nickname from "calendae", which in Latin means " first day of the month ".

Calendula is a meteorological indicator, as the flower has the tendency to open at sunrise and close at sunset (this is the phenomenon of " nyctinasty " discovered by the famous botanist Paul-Victor Fournier).

Discover the plant

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