Your restorative ritual to repair very dry and damaged hair.

Theobroma grandiflorum

Organic Cupuaçu Hair Care

Your restorative ritual to repair very dry and damaged hair.

Tame the frizz and calm the curl with Organic Cupuaçu, an active ingredient that deeply nourishes and repairs even the driest hair. Repair your hair with Klorane's Organic Cupuaçu range. Your repairing ritual for wavy, curly and frizzy hair.

Shampoo with ORGANIC Cupuacu

Cupuaçu Hair Shampoo with ORGANIC Cupuacu

Cleans - Nourishes - repairs fibres

Conditioner with ORGANIC Cupuacu

Cupuaçu Hair Conditioner with ORGANIC Cupuacu

Nourishes - Detangles - Repairs hair fibres

3-in-1 Mask with ORGANIC Cupuacu

Cupuaçu Hair 3-in-1 Mask with ORGANIC Cupuacu

Nourishes - Repairs deeply

Cica-Serum with organic Cupuaçu

Cupuaçu Hair Cica-Serum with organic Cupuaçu

Nourishes - Repairs hair - Protects from heat up to 220°C


Cleanse and repair very dry, damaged hair

Tame the frizz, calm the curl and repair damaged hair with Organic Cupuaçu.


Brittle and damaged hair is cleansed and left feeling softer, nourished right to the ends and easier to style*. * Consumer Use Test After Using Shampoo tested on 104 subjects for 21 days

  • Gently cleanses very dry, damaged hair.
  • Repairs hair fibres from root to tip.
  • Tames curly hair and makes styling easier

Replenish your hair with every wash with Klorane's Organic Cupuaçu butter routine, an ingredient with nourishing and repairing properties.


Deeply repair very dry and damaged hair

Repair brittle and damaged hair at the lengths and ends


Deeply repair and protect very dry and damaged hair

  • Repairs damaged ends and lengths
  • Strengthens hair fibres & makes hair more resistant
  • 3-in-1: classic in-shower treatment, overnight mask, daily leave-in cream

This intensive plant-powered 3-in-1 treatment mask deeply repairs and protects very dry and damaged hair Tame damaged, curly or frizzy locks with the smoothing, repairing, nourishing power of Organic Cupuaçu!


A few words from our expert

Cupuaçu butter is the best natural ingredient for deeply moisturising the skin or hair. Cupuaçu butter provides up to 1.5x more hydration than Shea Butter*.

Alexandre Panel
Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist

Organic farming in the Amazon

Klorane Botanical Foundation supports the development of agroforestry in northern Brazil. 

To lessen the impact of crops on the environment, the Klorane Botanical Foundation is working locally with the Beraca Institute to support the establishment of organic cupuaçu farming in the Amazon specifically within the Bella Aurora and Santa Luzia communities in northern Brazil. The Amazon loses 8,000 km2 each year to intensive farming. The objective is twofold: to enable local communities to improve their standard of living by increasing biodiversity and to recreate a balanced ecosystem.


Our experts answer your questions

All Organic Cupuaçu products contain naturally-derived ingredients and are biodegradable. They do not contain silicone, parabens or animal-derived ingredients. You can find the exact ingredients of each product on the product page of the website.

Our Organic Cupuaçu butter is rich in nutritious fatty acids. Cupuaçu butter deeply repairs very dry, damaged hair from root to end to tame frizz. Organic Cupuaçu butter provides up to 1.5x more hydration than Shea Butter*?

* Fleck, C.A and Newman, M. 2012 ‘Advanced Skin Care – A Novel Ingredient’. Journal of the American College of Clinical Wound Specialists, Vol.4, pp.92-4

We sustainably source and harvest Cupuaçu in the Amazon in Brazil using organic farming methods that protect local ecosystem. The Klorane Botanical Foundation supports local communities in implementing environmentally-friendly practices that fight deforestation while generating food and income from the forest’s resources

*Test sur mèches avec le masque 3 en 1 au Cupuaçu BIO. Simulation d'un mois d'application suivi de 6 shampoings.


Did you know?

The flesh of the Cupuaçu is used in Brazil to make a delicious juice.

In Brazil Cupuaçu is commonly used to make desserts, sweets, ice creams and drinks. Ideal for making smoothies, it goes very well with banana or vanilla!

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