Baby bath

Baby bath

The benefits of Calendula, with its essential soothing properties, are available in a complete range of products dedicated to your baby's bath. Formulas with natural active ingredients, tested under dermatological and paediatric control, to guarantee their safety. All you have to do is enjoy this moment together with your little ones. That's one less mental burden for you!

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Bath products for your baby: a magical moment of relaxation

Our range of baby bath products is ideal for pampering your child's delicate skin. The main active ingredient in this range is Calendula (Calendula officinalis), which comes from Spain and is organically grown.  

Calendula is a plant that produces flowers of an intense yellow to orange colour. Its flowers have the unique feature of following the sun: they open when it rises and close at nightfall. Their scent is delicate and very fragrant, perfect for bringing happiness to your child.

Calendula has been renowned and used for centuries for its medicinal and cosmetic virtues, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and repairing qualities. It is very effective in relieving redness, itching, etc. Its soothing properties allow you to gently wash your baby's fragile skin, to relieve it and to protect it effectively.

The flowers used in our products are organically grown in order to respect your baby's skin and our environment. They are all harvested by hand at the beginning of the summer so that their properties are preserved.

All our products are made in France with a unique know-how, to satisfy all your desires and needs. It’s important for us to make healthy products to take care of both you and your baby.

Quality products for the baby cleansing bar

Hygiene care is very important for your child, which is why we’ve chosen to make baby soaps and baby shampoos that don’t sting the eyes, so that your baby's bath becomes a pleasant moment of tenderness.

Different products are available in our range to suit all the needs and specificities of your child's skin. For dry and very dry skin, we’ve developed a special formula with our Cold Cream-enriched baby cleansing cream. For unruly hair, we’ve created the perfect baby shampoo.

  • The gentle cleansing gel is a baby soap that gently cleanses the body and hair. It’s suitable for normal skin and provides the right amount of moisture. This baby soap makes it easier to detangle the hair.
  • The gentle, ultra-rich soap is a baby soap that effectively and gently cleanses your child's face and body. It’s perfect for normal skin and is made from 97% natural ingredients.
  • The cold cream cleansing cream is the perfect baby wash to cleanse dry to very dry skin. Enriched with Cold Cream, this baby wash provides the necessary hydration for delicate skin. Its texture becomes creamy when you apply it to your child, who will marvel at all the bubbles that form during their bath.
  • The detangling shampoo is a baby shampoo that complements the baby bath products: it’s perfect for cleansing and easily detangling your child's hair. It is suitable for delicate hair and provides softness and shine.

A baby wash that respects their skin and the environment

Let your child be captivated by the intoxicating scent of Calendula in our baby bath products. The properties of this plant provide your child's skin with the necessary hydration yet are still gentle. The baby soaps and shampoos in our range gently cleanse, soothe and protect your newborn's skin.

Don't hesitate to use the shampoo specially designed for baby's fragile hair, as it ensures more comfortable detangling. The baby cleansing cream was designed to meet the needs of dry skin, providing delightful moments for your child during bath time. Allow your child to discover the pleasures of bathing with wonderful scents and sensations.

At our Klorane laboratories, we are concerned about respecting nature. Our packaging is largely made of recycled plastic to reduce our impact on the environment. Our products also feature biodegradable formulas.

We ensure that the Calendula used in our baby bath products is grown organically and respectfully, and that the flowers are hand-picked. To complete the baby bath product range, several categories have been developed to satisfy the unique needs of babies’ skin on a daily basis.

The range offers a moisturising cream as well as a nourishing cream. The nourishing cream, enriched with Cold Cream, complements the baby cleansing cream by taking care of dry skin. To finish off your baby's bath time with a gentle touch, the Petit Brin scented water will leave your baby’s skin with a sweet and fruity scent.

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