Morning routine

Morning routine

A morning beauty routine that wakes up your skin and makes you forget about fatigue—it's possible! Discover our face care products with organic Cornflower and hyaluronic acid for moisturised skin that’s ready to face the day.

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Your morning face care routine is an important part of keeping your skin looking beautiful and radiant. The different products that make up this routine will help care for your skin, revitalise it and protect it for the rest of the day. That's why it's important to choose the right products to apply to your face in the morning.  

But what exactly is a morning face routine? What are the steps? How do you choose the most suitable products for your skin and how do you apply them properly?

Below you’ll find all the answers to your questions about your beauty routine.

What is a morning face care routine? Three words: cleanse, revitalise and moisturise

This moment consists of several successive steps during which you will apply different products to your face. These products each have a specific role to play on your skin and must be applied in a precise order. Each step is necessary to maintain beautiful skin, so it’s important not to neglect any of them. For your routine to be effective, you should repeat it every morning before applying your make-up.

Firstly, you should start by cleansing the skin on your face of the impurities accumulated during the night. To do this, you can use a micellar water. This product is very effective and will allow you to achieve clear skin. Next, you will need to energise your skin by using a lotion or a toning serum, which you will apply with a cotton pad all over your face and neck. Finally, you will need to move onto the hydration stage. This is a particularly important step that will nourish your skin for the rest of the day. To do this, you can start by applying a moisturiser all over your face. Once you've finished, you should use a skin care product specially designed for the area around the eyes. This area is very sensitive and prone to dehydration, so it requires a unique treatment in your morning routine.

You should, of course, select products that are adapted to your skin type and the issues you are experiencing and wish to solve. You can certainly switch up the products you use in your routine if your needs change.

What are the benefits of a morning face care routine?

A morning face care routine has many benefits for your skin. Cleansing your skin every morning will help you improve its appearance day after day. This step will allow you to get rid of impurities and thus fight against imperfections, excess sebum or dilated pores. By using a toning product, such as a lotion, you will wake up your skin and stimulate it. It will then be brighter and more radiant. This step will prevent your complexion from becoming dull and tired.

Finally, the last step in your routine – moisturising – will allow you to nourish your skin but, above all, to protect it all day long against dryness or external pollution, for example. Moisturising is also essential to fight against signs of ageing. By following this routine regularly, you can see an improvement in the quality of your skin day after day.

Discover the products that make up Klorane's morning face care routine

For nearly fifty years now, at Klorane we've been doing our best to design quality care products for your skin. So we’re always looking for new developments to make sure you’re as satisfied as possible. We manufacture all our products in France from natural ingredients that we carefully select for their effectiveness.

We are particularly attentive to the natural active ingredients that we incorporate into our products. That’s why we’ve chosen to favour a more sustainable approach to cosmetics that respects both the environment and your health. Our morning routine consists of four products made with organic Cornflower, grown in the Tarn region in southern France. You can start by cleansing your face with the Cornflower Micellar Water, which will rid your skin of impurities.

Then, you can apply the Wake-up Call Serum with organic Cornflower and hyaluronic acid. This product will instantly wake up your skin, even if it’s fatigued. It will tone and give a real boost to your entire face.

Finally, you can moisturise your skin with the Cornflower water cream. This will plump up and illuminate your skin, restoring its radiance. You will particularly appreciate its fresh gel texture. To complete your moisturising routine, use the Anti-Fatigue Eye Roll-on, which will nourish the eye contour and fight against possible puffiness and dark circles.

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