Eye contour care

Eye contour care

Take care of your doe-eyed look with our care products specially formulated to moisturise and protect the particularly sensitive eye contour area.

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Eye contour care is essential for maintaining beautiful eyes over time. This type of product should be an essential part of your daily beauty routine, just like moisturiser or make-up remover. It’s a very important step for your skin that should not be neglected.  
But what are the benefits of eye contour care? How do you use it? And above all, which kind should you choose, and what natural ingredients should it contain? In the short guide below, you’ll find all the answers to the questions you may have about eye contour care.

What is an eye contour treatment?

This type of treatment, as its name indicates, targets the eye contour area more specifically. This is a very fragile area where the skin is particularly thin and sensitive, much more so than on any other part of the face. That’s why this area requires a specific, richer treatment. Around the eyes, the epidermis is only 0.5 mm thick and has very few sebaceous glands that produce the sebum necessary to moisturise and protect the skin against external aggressions. This area is therefore much more prone to dehydration, dryness and irritation. This area will also be more affected by UV rays and skin ageing. This is where wrinkles start to appear.
To prevent all these issues, we therefore recommend using an eye contour product regularly. For optimal effectiveness, it must be applied correctly, otherwise you will not achieve the desired results. You should therefore apply your product at least once a day, and it’s best to use it in the morning and evening.
The application itself is very simple. You just need to apply a very small amount of product under each eye and then let it absorb. To do this, you can use small circular movements, moving from the inside to the outside, and then finish with light tapping. This massage will stimulate blood circulation and wake up your skin. Eye contour products with natural active ingredients, such as organic Cornflower, should be preferred.

What are the benefits of eye contour care?

This type of product has many beneficial properties for the eye area. You should, of course, choose your skin care product according to your skin's problems. Not all skin care products will act in the same way, as they do not all contain the same active ingredients. You can, for example, find skin care products in the form of cream, serum or even oil with different virtues.
While some products have a more specific action, the majority will still provide hydration to the skin. Eye contour care products are specially designed to protect and nourish the fine skin surrounding the eye. Some treatments will also act on wrinkles and prevent the skin from ageing. Others will have a more targeted action on dark circles and bags. These will have a depuffing effect to reduce swelling around the eyes.

Regardless of your age, it’s important to use an eye contour product. It will help you keep your eyes looking fresh and bright as the years go by. While moisturiser is a must for skin care, it’s not enough to nourish the area around your eyes. It needs a product specially designed to meet its needs so that it looks rested and smoothed.

Discover Klorane’s eye contour products

At Klorane, we’ve been working for over 50 years to take care of your skin. Today, all our products are made in France from natural active ingredients rigorously selected by us. We are very attentive to the quality of our products, but we are also aware of our ecological impact. Therefore we advocate for a sustainable approach to cosmetics that respects both the environment and your health.
Our eye care range has been specially designed to protect this sensitive area of the face. For example, our anti-fatigue eye roll-on is ideal for your morning beauty routine. It’s made with French organic Cornflower, grown in the Tarn region of France. This natural active ingredient will gently awaken your eyes.
You can also apply it in the evening, before going to bed, after your moisturiser. During the night, this treatment will deeply nourish your skin and reduce signs of fatigue. When you wake up in the morning, your eye area will be bright and rested. Day after day, you will see your dark circles and puffiness lastingly reduced. Your eyes will then look completely rested and bright! Organic Cornflower, which is a soothing active ingredient, is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

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