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CONSCIOUS BEAUTY What is eco-design?

Did you have this one in your 7 family eco-something game? Eco-responsibility, eco-design, eco-citizen, there is something for everyone.

So, eco-design? You hear this word everywhere, you have seen it written on your packaging, or directly on a product. Everyone talks about it, all the brands boast about it, but what does it actually mean?



Being eco-designed means considering the environmental impact of a product: from the choice of raw materials to the weight of the packaging, through manufacturing and transport to your bathroom, everything is done to limit the impact on our planet as much as possible.
It also means offering increasingly natural formulas, i.e. with an ever-increasing proportion of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, and sourcing locally or from suppliers who meet fair trade criteria.


Thanks to the Green Impact Index, a tailor-made rating system set up at Pierre Fabre, the entire life cycle of a product is scrutinised: societal and environmental impact, everything is accounted for, and so are you, as this approach guarantees perfect traceability and transparency.



Klorane packaging has been upgraded: our shampoo bottles are 100% recycled plastic, and our shower gels have lost 33% of their original weight. That's 7 tonnes of plastic not manufactured each year, which is 17 tonnes of CO2 not emitted. So we can breathe a little better!

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