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CONSCIOUS BEAUTY How can I use less water?

Its obvious to wash away all of today's worries, the dust, the dirt. Using copious amounts of water and was as it drains away. And what's more, you like to sing (louder than the flowing water). It's good for your self-confidence, just like we told you last time.

But deep down you know: water is getting scarcer. With global warming, it's even more important not to waste water. Now, you are about to get a shower mixer, a shower stop or a timer. But you're not sure. Why not opt for a good ice-cold jet of water, which will drastically shorten your shower? It's good for the circulation and it makes you sing a little louder: you’ll feel all the better for it. But you doubt it. Do we have to save the planet by sacrificing ourselves, or by embracing greasy hair for good? No. We'll help you, because it's easier than that. After the Green Beauty trend comes the Blue Beauty wave. A few tips to take care of yourself and all the water in the world.



When we take a shower or wash our hair, we use around 15 litres of fresh water every minute. Ten minutes spent in the shower is equivalent to 150 litres of water, or the equivalent of a bath. But that can change!




3 minutes in the shower instead of 10 will save 100 litres of water. Relax, play your favourite song as you get into the shower, try to do everything you need to do and get out when the song ends.

Want to save 500 litres of water a year by washing your hair? Dry shampoo is an effective way to reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower and to space out how often you need to wash your hair.


Adopt a solid beauty routine: shampoo, soap, toothpaste and deodorant are all available in solid or mineral powder form. These solid formulas save precious litres of water.

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  • <span class="ezstring-field">KLORANE EDITO 2020 - 6 beauty tips to use less water in your beauty routine 367x460</span>

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