Find all our care products for baby in a complete range of products for the bath, nappy changes and daily hygiene. Formulas with natural active ingredients, tested under dermatological and paediatric control, to guarantee their safety. All you have to do is enjoy these moments with your little ones. That's one less mental burden for you!

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Klorane offers a range of natural baby care products with protective and soothing properties. Klorane's tailor-made cosmetic products are made in France and are particularly adapted to baby's skin thanks to carefully selected active ingredients to ensure a safe, gentle and natural experience. For prevention or in case of irritation, Klorane is there for your baby every day. Behind Klorane's skin care products are experts who have chosen the best ingredients to create a targeted formula for baby's skin and tailor-made care products that meet all the needs of everyday life and those of the driest skin.  

Products adapted to your baby's needs

Klorane's baby care products, made from organically grown Oatmeal and Calendula with a gentle and relaxing fragrance, ensure a relaxing moment with your baby. The Klorane range includes natural baby care products adapted to the different needs of your child:

Bath time The Klorane bath range ensures a moment of sharing and relaxation with your baby. The organic Spanish Calendula-based products allow you to gently wash and nourish your baby's skin and hair, without stinging theiir eyes. Thanks to its natural ingredients and biodegradable formula, Klorane baby bath products soothe and protect in complete safety. The bath range is available in several formats for tailor-made care: gel, cream, soap and shampoo.

Natural cosmetics for babies Klorane baby care products moisturise, soothe and protect your baby's sensitive skin day after day. The care range is suitable for daily use to prevent dryness and also meets the moisturising needs of dry and very dry skin.

Daily hygiene Every day, your baby's skin is put to the test by the many daily cleanings. Clean and freshen up your baby several times a day with Klorane natural baby care products. Designed to be practical for parents and gentle for baby, the products come in several formats: water, lotion, wipes and scented water. Whether at home or on the go, these natural products ensure your baby stays fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

Diaper changes Klorane has developed a range of cosmetics adapted to the care and protection of baby's reddened skin. Its natural formula with Spanish Calendula soothes and repairs your baby's skin from the first application. Klorane offers targeted care products for clinically proven effectiveness: gently cleanse with the liniment, soothe and protect with the ointment or spray and prevent irritation with the absorbent powder.

Petit Brin Share a playful moment of softness and awaken your baby to delicious scents with the Klorane scented water. Specially formulated for baby, featuring natural and alcohol-free ingredients, the scented water transforms washing into an energising moment of softness. Its patented formula is specially adapted to baby's fine and sensitive skin, for a moment of tenderness in complete safety. Introduce your baby to the soft, fruity notes of Klorane's Petit Brin scented water.

Baby care with proven benefits

Klorane has developed a range of baby care products adapted to the moments that mark their life. While bathing is always associated with a pleasant moment spent together, this is not always the case for changing and everyday washing. That's why Klorane has developed a complete range to take with you on a daily basis, transforming bathing, nappy changing, regular cleaning and care into a tender and gentle experience. Because baby's skin is fragile and sensitive, the Klorane experts have selected natural ingredients, including organically grown Calendula with its powerful repairing properties.

Awaken your baby with the scents and benefits of our ingredients carefully chosen with them in mind. Klorane care products clean, soothe, moisturise and protect your baby's soft and delicate skin. Whether a gel, cream, or spray, Klorane has a product suited to any skin type. Klorane also thinks of parents thanks to cleverly designed and practical formats, to easily take care of your baby in any circumstance.

Choosing Klorane also means supporting biodiversity and reducing your environmental impact on a daily basis, thanks to a biodegradable formula containing responsibly grown and organic ingredients, as well as special eco-designed packaging. Klorane baby care products protect your child, as well as the environment.

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