Our baby & child care products

Our baby & child care products

Find all our products dedicated to babies & children in a complete range of skin and hair care. Formulas with natural active ingredients, tested under dermatological and paediatric control, to guarantee their safety. All you have to do is enjoy these moments with your little ones. That's one less mental burden for you!

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Taking care of children's fragile skin

For over 50 years, Klorane has been supporting parents with products dedicated to children and infants. Made from natural ingredients, they take care of your little ones while leaving behind a fresh and delicious scent. Care products for babies and children are divided into two categories:

The Baby range is made up of several products intended for nappy changes, cleansing and bathing, all featuring ultra gentle Calendula. With these, the skin and hair of your little ones can be cleaned throughout the day, leaving it soft and protected.  

  • After the age of 3, children continue to enjoy natural skin care products with the Klorane Junior range. Bathing, styling and hygiene are a real pleasure thanks to the sweet notes of raspberry, pear and honey.
  • Children will love taking care of themselves with skin that smells good and hair that’s easy to comb. No more tears because their shampoo stings their eyes! With its products, Klorane introduces youngsters to the benefits of nature and respect for the environment. In fact, each product is made in France and is 95% natural. Each Klorane Baby and Children's product has also undergone paediatric testing to ensure that it is safe for use. Klorane products also contain no alcohol, perfume or controversial substances. We should also not forget their eco-friendly packaging made of biodegradable material.

A range of products for the daily hygiene of children and babies

Klorane makes baby and child care easy with an entire range of hygiene products. Every parent will find the product they need for bathing, changing or daily hygiene. Additionally, having been on the market for decades, the brand has developed different product textures such as its cleansing water, cleansing gel, nappy spray and wipes. These products meet the needs of today's parents who are more mobile and who need practical products — like the no-rinse products, which do not require water. The natural ingredients used provide benefits from the very first use of the product, such as the protective cream against nappy rash, which combines calendula and zinc oxide.

But at Klorane, you can also find the essential baby and child care products such as liniment, talcum powder or cleansing cream available in a family size. Perhaps you were familiar with them as a child... The same goes for the detangling shampoo and the ultra-rich soap, which pampers the hair and skin of all family members.

Finally, Klorane products are a sweet gift idea for a birth, like this gift box featuring the scented water. You can use it on baby's body and hair as well as on their clothes. You can also put together your own assortment in a small basket.

While the Baby range is extensive, the Junior range – featuring organically grown oats – allows your child to grow up with Klorane. First off, there is the peach-scented detangling shampoo. It nourishes and moisturises the hair, making it easy to style. For daily maintenance, you can finish off styling with the honey spray. Finally, Klorane offers two shower gels (pear or raspberry).

The benefits of baby and child care products

To develop its range of body and hair care products for babies and children, Klorane has chosen organically grown Calendula as the key ingredient for its Baby range. This organically grown flowering plant offers soothing properties. Your baby's skin can become irritated, particularly when they wear nappies or while they’re teething. Calendula, from the north of Spain, helps to regenerate the skin and keep it soft.

To further protect and nourish your baby's skin, Klorane has also selected complementary ingredients for its nappy products, such as zinc oxide, olive oil and other plant oils.

Found in many cosmetics, zinc oxide is the ingredient of choice for relieving nappy rash in babies, because it calms irritation and leaves the skin feeling purified. It also protects the skin from the sun. Like all other oils, olive oil nourishes the skin with its fatty acids and vitamin E. It will thus protect it from external aggressions.

Finally, to envelop your baby in a soft and sweet cocoon, Klorane has chosen fruity and white floral notes for its eau de toilette. It will relax your little one as well as keep them smelling good. For the Junior range, Oats are the superstar of children's baths and care, as they soften and enrich the skin and hair with their nutrients. 

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