Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo

Who says you need water to clean your hair? Discover our range of dry shampoos, where freshness and volume can be achieved with just one spritz. Whether you're in a hurry in the morning, leaving the gym or getting ready for a night out, this quick shampoo is just waiting to be used.

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Dry shampoos: the new must in your beauty routine!

Do you want to take care of your hair while taking care of the planet? A solution exists: dry shampoo. Klorane offers you a range of dry shampoos to get your hair clean in just 2 minutes.  

Thanks to an exceptional combination of natural powders, your hair will regain volume and lightness in no time. Whether your hair is greasy, difficult to style, colour-treated or normal, you will find a product that will meet your expectations. With an average of 94% effectiveness in getting your hair clean, you won't be disappointed by Klorane's expertise. We’ve been developing dry shampoo since 1971, so our combination of natural powders has already proven itself.

Because water is a resource that must be preserved for the good of our planet, Klorane supports the Klorane Botanical Foundation. For more than 20 years, this foundation has been ensuring reforestation in different areas of the planet. Through this reforestation, it fights against the drying up of soils all over the world.

Klorane's dry shampoos

Our range of dry shampoos includes different natural active ingredients, adapted to each type of scalp. Discover the specific features of each of these shampoos.

The Nettle dry shampoo is a shampoo specially adapted to hair that tends to get greasy quickly. It will help control your sebum production for 48 hours thanks to a formula composed of ultra-absorbent powders. It’s ideal if you want to space out your shampoos, as it will leave your hair clean and neat without rinsing. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to use your shampoo less often and your hair will become less greasy.

The ultra gentle dry shampoo with oat milk is suitable for all hair types. It's perfect if you want to style your hair easily, as it will restore texture and volume to your hair in less than two minutes. By spraying it at the roots, volume will be boosted and your hair will be more shiny. Oat milk also has naturally softening properties that you're sure to love.

The ultra gentle dry shampoo with oat milk for all hair types is also available in a more eco-friendly, gas-free format. Made only from natural powders, it maintains all its properties and, above all, its benefits. It will be ideal for you if you want to wash your hair in a very fast and ecological way. It will make your hair easier to style and will provide more volume. In addition, its formula is free of silicones, parabens, sulphates and surfactants, so it’s as natural as possible.

Finally, the ultra gentle oat milk formula for dark hair is specially designed for brunettes. Thanks to its ultra-absorbent powders and the softening properties associated with Oat milk, it will allow you to regain beautiful volume and texture in just a few minutes. Your hair will be clean and shiny in less than two minutes.

The benefits of dry shampoo for you and the planet

Dry shampoos are used without water and can therefore be applied very quickly. When you're short of time, it's a good idea to use one instead of washing your hair with a conventional shampoo. The latter requires you to shower and air dry or blow dry your hair, which can easily take up valuable time in the morning! Replacing this routine with a shampoo made from natural powders, which only takes two minutes to apply, is a real time-saver. You'll appreciate it especially if you're running late, have a lot of appointments or simply want to sleep longer in the morning. It can also be very useful just after a workout! So you'll have no more excuses to skip your next session.

Dry shampoo is also a real game changer if you want to style your hair more easily and achieve more volume. By spraying it at the roots, it gives a nice texture to the hair. No need to spend hours trying to blow-dry your hair on your own. This solution is undoubtedly faster, simpler and more effective. Plus, it makes your hair shinier and easier to style than before, so go ahead and try some hassle-free buns or braids!

Finally, this type of shampoo has a major advantage: it can be used without water as it does not require rinsing. This makes it very environmentally friendly. On the one hand, because its manufacture requires very little water resources. Secondly, because every time you use it instead of a rinse-off shampoo, you save an average of 10 litres of water. Let's do the math: if you replace one conventional shampoo per week with a dry shampoo, you'll save over 500 litres of water per year! It's worth a try, isn't it? Our planet needs a little help to conserve its water resources. So don't wait any longer to buy some dry shampoo the next time you go to a pharmacy or beauty store: it will be a real ally for your health, beauty and the environment!

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