What's in Klorane’s new formulas?

CONSCIOUS BEAUTY What's in Klorane’s new formulas?

Has your favourite Klorane shampoo had a makeover? It was fine for you before, so why did we change it? Does nothing in this world last?! Although for the last question we think you're better off consulting a therapist, for the rest, we have answers! You've always wanted to know how and why we develop our formulas


Shampoos, shower gels, cleansers... what are they made with ?

Here’s a quick summary so you know what we are talking about. The formula of a cleansing product is made up of three elements: a cleansing base (... surprise), composed of water and surfactants, to which other active ingredients are added according to the needs of the product; a texture agent, which will prevent the product from slipping through your fingers; and finally, a preservative and pH regulators so that the formula remains stable over time and does not attract bacteria.



We can do better, officer 

So why change a winning team? Because at Klorane we are convinced that we can always improve our formulas. In fact, this is the constant pursuit of our laboratories! Some of our most renowned active ingredients are, for example, now being organically grown. Others have been replaced by newcomers discovered by the work of our botanists who find the most exceptional plants. Others may be favoured to meet specific requirements such as those of Fair Trade or our Pierre Fabre Green Impact Index. The idea is to never rest on our laurels, and to always offer you products at the cutting edge of naturalness, sensoriality, safety and effectiveness.

Move along, we’ve had enough 

There is also the case of those so-called "controversial" ingredients which, as scientific knowledge advances, turn out to be non-essential. This is the case with sulphates, for example, the surfactants that make our favourite skincare products foam. The sulphate family is big and, like all families, includes some troublemakers. At Klorane, we were using sodium laureth sulphate, which is not on the radar because it is safe in low concentrations, but we decided to ask him to move along anyway. We have therefore replaced it in our new formulas with a combination of natural and synthetic surfactants to maintain the quality of the product while increasing its naturalness. In the same vein, we have already banned silicones from our formulas, as well as phenoxyethanol.

So don't worry: a new formula doesn't mean that the old one was bad, it just means that we have found something even better for you!

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