Calendula, the golden flower with soothing power

My herbarium Calendula, the golden flower with soothing power

It is so common in our gardens and on the side of road that it could be easily overlooked. But beware of those who underestimate Calendula officinalis, the garden marigold, which, with its pretty orange flowers, protects our fields and soothes our skin.

An essential part of Western pharmacopoeia, Calendula has conquered many territories from its native Mediterranean basin. I first came across it in my family's garden: I was asked to spread its seeds among the tomato and aubergine plants because it helps repel aphids and grows without asking anything from anyone. 

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Far from being a cause for concern, the so-called garden marigold takes its name from the Latin word solsequia, " that which follows the sun ", as its flowers have the particularity of opening at dawn and closing at dusk. They are orange-yellow in colour, dangle from slender stems and bloom every month from early spring until the first frost. They have been gathered since ancient times for their ability to be used in dyes (they provide a dark yellow pigment), some culinary dishes (with a pronounced sweet and sour taste for the buds, and a subtler taste for the petals), and especially for their medicinal properties.

The golden flower with soothing power!

Because we still haven’t completely discovered all of the benefits of calendula, the list of its beneficial properties would not fit on this page, but its high flavonoid and faradiol content makes it a champion in the fight against skin inflammation and irritation. At Klorane, we grow calendula organically on our land in the Tarn region of France and harvest each flower by hand in early summer.
We have reserved a special place for it in our skin care ranges for baby! Thanks to its soothing and healing properties, it helps strengthen baby’s developing skin barrier and immediately soothes all of life’s little everyday skin irritations. 

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Detangling Shampoo with Calendula

Calendula Bébé Detangling Shampoo with Calendula

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Gentle Body Wipes

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Moisturizing Lotion with Calendula

Calendula Bébé Moisturizing Lotion with Calendula

Hydrates - Protects - Soothes

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