Hanging your plants couldn't be easier!

LET’S DO IT Hanging your plants couldn't be easier!

Whether your home feels like an Amazonian jungle or has a relaxing splash of green, let's face it, plants take up a lot of space! How about hanging them to free up your floor and give them a bit of height? It couldn't be easier with this DIY tutorial for a macramé-style hanging that won't take you more than ten minutes!



- String or twine, any thickness you like
- A pair of scissors
- A small pot about 12cm high
- Wooden beads for decoration (optional)
- Your favourite playlist
- A glass of wine





Step 1: Cut

For a 50cm-high hanging, start by cutting three pieces of string, each 1.5m long. Fold them in half and tie them together with a large knot, leaving a loop that will act as a tie. Lay it out facing you on a flat surface, with the loop facing upwards, and spread out the 6 strings.

Step 2: Tie the first level

Isolate the two leftmost strings and tie them in a single knot about 30cm below the loop. Repeat the operation with the two strings in the centre, then with the two on the right. Take a sip from your glass of wine.

Step 3: Tie the second level

Follow the instructions below. About 15cm from the previous series of knots, take the right-hand string from the leftmost knot (read that again), and tie it with the left-hand string from the central knot. Then tie the right string of the central knot with the left string of the right knot. Finally, tie the two remaining strings (if you've been following along, you should have the left string of the left knot and the right string of the right knot remaining). Take a second sip of wine. You've done the hard part!

Step 4: Tie the last level and level off

Finish your Sistine Chapel with a large knot 5cm lower down using all the strings. Trim any protruding ends to an even length. The idea is to leave at least as much length as you have between the loop and the first series of knots. The rest is a matter of personal taste. 
Optional: You can add wooden beads under the hanging loop before tying it, or along the strings hanging under the pot, as long as you secure them with knots underneath, of course! In this case, use slightly longer strings.


The result

Your suspension is ready for your pot! Finish your drink and congratulate yourself.


Other ideas

Now that you're almost done, why not decorate your pot with a homemade hessian planter? You don't have to be a first-rate seamstress to get a stunning result.

Measure the diameter and height of the pot, then draw a circle 2cm larger in diameter on the hessian (this will serve as the base). Multiply the diameter of this circle by 3.14 (don't panic, there’s no exam), which gives you the length of the side trim strip. The height of the rectangle is the height of the pot + 3cm to make a flap. Trace this rectangle on the canvas and cut out the pieces. Fold the rectangle of fabric in half lengthways, place pins about 0.5cm from the edge and sew. Assemble the rim of the pot with its base by sewing a 0.5cm border again. Turn it inside out to hide the seams. Finally, fold over the top edge by 2cm, secure with pins and sew.

And that's it!

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