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The daily detox routine for combination and oily skin

Our city lives put our skin to the test. The Organic Aquatic Mint range for facial care is the new natural way to purify your skin and detoxify it day after day. The anti-oxidant action of aquatic mint has already been proven on the scalp. We have simply re-used its incredible virtues on the skin to protect it from external aggressions (pollution in particular).

Find my Organic Aquatic Mint Detox Routine

Our natural skin care products for oily skin or skin in search of detox. The best aquatic mint has to offer infused in innovative textures to always combine efficiency with pleasure. Let's go for the purifying face routine?

Cleanse and exfoliate


Cleanse and exfoliate

Moisturise and mattify


Moisturise and mattify

Boost my routine


Boost my routine

3 w ee ks

That's how long it takes to see a significant improvement in facial skin texture after using* 3-in-1 Purifying Powder.

2 times slower!

Your skin becomes oily two times slower** after applying the Purity Cream.

100 %

This is what characterizes our Purifying Mask: a 100% natural composition, in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging!

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The Purifying Mask Stick: how does it work?

The result


of women find their skin immediately purified¹ after using the Purity Cream


of women find their skin permanently mattified¹ after using the Purity Cream


of women find their skin purified² after using the 3-in-1 Purifying Powder


of women agree that the stick has an intense purifying effect³

¹% satisfaction, safety and efficacy study under medical supervision, 33 subjects, 3 weeks with 2 applications per day.

²% satisfaction, safety and efficacy study under medical supervision, 32 subjects, 3 weeks, 2 applications per day.

² Consumer test, 68 women, 20 minutes after application.

* Tolerance and efficacy study dermatologically tested, 32 women, 2 applications per day for 3 weeks.

*Clinical study carried out on 21 subjects.

The routine of... Diane

I've always had oily skin, but lately I feel like my fast-paced Parisian lifestyle is only making my skin worse. So I clean it daily with my Purifying Powder with ORGANIC Aquatic Mint and I don't leave the house without using my Purity Cream with ORGANIC Aquatic Mint. My skin is more matt and my pores are tightened. And for those weeks when my skin is extremely oily and that's not enough, I add the Mask Stick once or twice a week, which has won me over with its refreshing effect. It's the little slap in the face my skin needs to wake up and detoxify after a hard night out!

Diane, 29 years oldKlorane customer

The little plus  that changes everything

The innovative mask stick, a bar of fun!

A fun and easy application, a fun and colourful texture to effectively target the T-zone with an immediate purifying action!

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Gentle o exfoliating action

Klorane botanists have selected these active ingredients for their natural properties which are effective on the skin.

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Cultivated on our own land in the south-west of France in organic farming, Organic Aquatic Mint and its detoxifying and antioxidant properties act as a protective shield against aggression and pollution.


Monolaurin, an ingredient derived from coconut oil, and its sebo-reducing action will help absorb excess sebum from the skin and thus mattify it.


Perlite powder, which is a natural mineral derived from volcanic rock, acts as a natural exfoliant for the skin. Combined with aquatic mint and clay for this collection, its purifying properties allow for gentle cleansing of combination to oily skin.


A 100% natural material, clay has many virtues which differ according to its colours. In the Klorane formula, white clay, for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and green clay, known for its antibacterial, absorbent and purifying properties on excess sebum, were chosen.



Moisturizing or nourishing: what's the difference for my skin?

Moisturizing or nourishing: what's the difference for my skin?


Oily skin is caused by sebum

Oily skin means skin that is consistently oily all over the face, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture and make-up that does not adhere well to the skin. The reason? Hyperseborrhea, i.e. excessive sebum production, which is most often caused by hormonal imbalance. Other factors can amplify this imbalance, such as pollution, humid climate or the use of inappropriate care products.

Combination skin, oily skin, are they at all the same?

In contrast to oily skin, combination skin combines several skin types depending on the distribution of the sebaceous glands. Thus, where the density of the sebaceous glands is low, on the cheeks for example, the skin is rather dry, suffering from dehydration or lack of suppleness. On the other hand, the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, chin) has a tendency to be oily, characterised by hyperseborrhoea, i.e. a hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands.


Questions about our detox treatments?

Our experts and botanists answer your questions (even the craziest ones).

A serum is a highly concentrated targeted treatment for your skin. Its texture is often liquid or fluid, which allows it to deeply penetrate the skin quickly. It should be applied before your daily skin care.
Day cream, a product that can be used daily: mainly used to adequately hydrate the skin throughout the day.
Night cream, a regenerating care product: at night, your skin cells regenerate; night care helps boost cell renewal.

The alcohol contained in our Wake-up Call Serum formula is of natural origin. It comes from beetroot fermented with non-GMO Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast. Its production site is located in Dijon, France.

The hyaluronic acid used in the organic Cornflower range, including the Organic Cornflower Serum, is 100% natural. It is obtained through a biosynthesis process via fermentation, using wheat grains and lactic bacteria.

We are committed to preserving biodiversity by growing cornflower in our own organic fields. All stages from conception to manufacture are carried out within a radius of only 48 km to ensure seamless 'From farm to face' traceability and to minimise our impact on the ecosystem. After harvesting, the cornflowers travel a mere 200 metres to the Gaillac site to extract the cornflower water needed for Klorane's Cornflower skincare. The formulas are manufactured in our eco-responsible and High Environmental Quality-certified factory in Castres, France. The clinical tests are carried out under dermatological and ophthalmological control at the Toulouse site.

A committed range (like us)!

From the cultivation of active ingredients with short supply chains to the design of resolutely ecological packaging: we strive to protect the planet as much as your skin, at every stage.
kl_mint_active-ingredient_field_plant_2019 -25-

Organic and Made in France: our ORGANIC aquatic mint is grown in France with a short supply chain

We grow aquatic mint on our own plots in the south-west of France.

The crop is grown organically and managed by a certified High Environmental Value farm. First processed in the nursery, we plant it in May in our fields before extracting it using a patented green chemistry solvent-free extraction method.

KBF_HAIR_AQUATIC MINT_Picture_Scientist_2020

Our commitments against pollution with the Klorane Botanical Foundation

We use our findings on aquatic mint to help support nature. The Klorane Botanical Foundation's project, in collaboration with the CNRS bio-inspired chemistry laboratory, consists of cleaning up water contaminated with heavy metals from a river in the Cévennes region of France using an innovative and ecological method: phyto-pollution (cleaning up by plants, including aquatic mint). 

kl_face care_mint_range_picture_2021

More respectful packaging

We favour eco-design for the products in the ORGANIC Aquatic Mint detox face care range. Both the bottle of the 3 in 1 Purifying Powder and the Mask stick pack are made entirely from recycled plastic.


A measured and positive impact

A range which obtained the highest score in the Pierre Fabre Group's GREEN IMPACT INDEX, for its environmentally and socially demanding design.

By purchasing these products, you participate in Klorane's environmental and social commitments to reforestation, the preservation of threatened species and ecosystems, education in the preservation of botanical biodiversity and training in biodiversity-friendly agricultural practices.

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