Purifying and mattifying care routine

Purifying and mattifying care routine

Detoxing is the best way to let your skin breathe for a fresh complexion. Discover our purifying and mattifying skincare routine with Organic Aquatic Mint.

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A skincare routine to mattify your skin with long-lasting results

Is your skin dull and shiny during the day despite frequent cleansing? You may have oily or combination skin and suffer from sebum hypersecretion. A mattifying routine of natural products will regulate your skin's sebum production and give you a fresh, matte complexion.

What does mattifying the skin mean? 

Mattifying the skin means using products that treat sebum production. Sebum is useful for moisturising the epidermis, but has harmful effects when produced in excess: 

- It makes the skin shiny and gives it a dull appearance.

- The accumulation of dead skin cells prevents the skin from breathing and is one of the most common causes of blackheads and acne.

- Pollution binds to the sebum and damages the skin's protective layer.

Using mattifying products is therefore not just for beauty, but also essential for healthy skin.

How do I mattify oily skin?

Sebum hypersecretion is caused by two main factors: your skin type and your environment. To mattify the skin, these two factors must be treated:

- Treating oily skin: If you have oily or combination skin, your body is genetically programmed to produce more sebum than it needs. Your skin needs a little help with the right products to remove excess sebum and limit its production. 

- Limit damaging external factors: pollution, stress and poor diet can also affect your skin. Take time to relax, limit the amount of overlyprocessed food on your plate and use anti-pollution treatments regularly. Also, check that your cosmetics are not too harsh as this can cause the skin to produce too much oil.

Which mattifying products should I choose?

Firstly, make sure your skincare products are non-greasy and alcohol-free, as both of these elements cause oily skin to react and blemishes to appear. 

Then, choose products enriched with mattifying active ingredients such as: 

- Monolaurin: derived from coconut oil, monolaurin has a sebum-reducing and absorbent action. It helps to mattify the skin and control oil production. 

- Green clay: green clay detoxifies the skin by absorbing pollution and sebum residues that clog the pores. 

- White clay: antibacterial and antiseptic, white clay absorbs impurities and sebum. 

Deeply cleanse your skin with the right skincare products

The daily damaging external factors to which our skin is subjected leave their mark: lack of radiance, visible pores and blackheads are all signs that the skin is suffocating and that it needs a little detox to breathe again. A purifying skincare routine prevents the accumulation of impurities, for a fresh and luminous skin no matter your environment. 

Why purify your skin?

Purifying your skin means ridding it of all the dead cells, sebum and pollution particles that have accumulated during the day. This is essential for combination to oily skin, which absorbs impurities much more easily. Purifying your skin regularly has many benefits:

- The skin can breathe again 

- Acne-causing bacteria are removed

- Imperfections are reduced

- The skin regains its radiance

How do I purify my face?

Cleansing your skin every day is an essential step to remove make-up and impurities on the surface. We recommend cleansing the face morning and evening, except for dry skin which can be cleansed once a day depending on its sensitivity.

However, to deeply purify the skin, a simple cleansing is not enough. You'll need specific skincare products enriched with antioxidants that exfoliate and detoxify the pores. 

Organic Aquatic Mint: the plant that naturally purifies the skin

Organic Aquatic Mint is the key ingredient to purify the skin with its triple action:

- Antioxidant: it limits the oxidation and damage of the skin and the vitamins within.

- Anti-pollution: it acts as a protective film against pollution and reduces the accumulation of dead cells.

- Detoxifying: it increases the activity of the cellular detoxification enzymes present on the skin.

It is the ideal natural active ingredient for fresh, clear skin: that's why we use it in all our purifying products. 

The skincare routine to lastingly purify and mattify the skin

The ideal routine for purifying and mattifying the skin without drying it out has three key steps: 

1. Cleanse and purify with an exfoliating product such as our 3-in-1 Purifying Powder with Organic Aquatic Mint and Clay;

2. Hydrate the skin with non-comedogenic purifying skincare like our Purity Cream with Organic Aquatic Mint;

3. Deeply purify and mattify with a detoxifying mask such as our Stick Mask with Organic Aquatic Mint.

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