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Understanding hair loss

For some people, hair is a seductive asset, for others it is a way of expressing their personality or style. So seeing it fall out can be very annoying!

How to recognise hair loss

You find more and more hair in the shower drain, on your brush or your pillow, the hair near your scalp is getting thinner and thinner... You may be at risk of hair loss. What kind of hair loss am I experiencing? 

There are two types of hair loss:

Reactive hair loss, which can occur after an emotional shock. Also known as acute diffuse alopecia, it is characterised by sudden, punctual and extreme hair loss that affects the entire head. It is reversible and mainly affects women. 

Progressive hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, which affects both sexes and increases with age. It is characterised by a progressive and localised decrease in capillary mass at the level of the temporal gulfs or the top of the skull and the tonsure in men, and mainly along the central axis of the skull in women. It is not reversible and can lead to baldness in men, i.e. the total or partial absence of hair.

What causes hair loss?

There are several factors that cause hair loss.

Hair growth is subject to various factors: seasonal changes, diet and any deficiencies it may contain, stress, which can cause hair loss or, more seriously, alopecia, hormonal changes, which have a direct impact on the hair cycle, and genetics. There is a genetic predisposition to hair loss, especially in men (thanks dad, thanks mum). Like the rest of our body, hair ages too: hair cycles become shorter and after the age of 50, hair grows more slowly.

What is the dermal papilla?

The dermal papilla is one of the two elements that make up the hair root along with the hair matrix. It is the only vascularised area of the follicle, where the nutrient supply (vitamins, micro-nutrients) takes place, and it therefore governs the entire hair growth cycle. In the event of hair loss, the functioning of the dermal papilla is altered, as a result:

At the level of the bulb, a vascular and nutritional deficiency and lack of hair anchoring

In terms of the hair cycle, a reduction in the duration of the anagen phase, i.e. the growth phase of the hair

The hair's needs are threefold: to stimulate growth, slow down hair loss and strengthen the hair. 

Good habits

5 tips to naturally slow down hair loss

  • Keep your scalp healthy, free from pollution residues that suffocate it and thus disrupt optimal hair growth. 
  • Massage your scalp under the shower to activate the micro-circulation of the blood vessels and stimulate growth
  • Eat foods rich in micro-nutrients: if the body has to draw on reserves of vitamins B, E, proteins... it can no longer devote them to hair. 
  • Stay relaxed, stress can worsen the problem. 
  • Find the answer in nature: plant therapy can offer you natural and non-agressive remedies to take care of your hair, stimulate growth and slow down hair loss.


I experience hair loss, is this normal?

It’s normal if...

  • You lose less than 50 hairs per day. This is the cycle of hair renewal: some hairs die and fall out while others grow to replace them
  • We tend to lose more hair in spring and autumn.
  • You have given birth recently
  • You have been fasting or on some other form of diet
  • You are taking a new treatment

It's not normal if...

  • You lose more than 50 hairs per day.
  • It's been going on for less than 6 months and your parents have dense hair, in which case you're probably experiencing reactive hair loss
  • You've had a major change in your life
  • If when you when you tug on three different areas of the head, a large handful of hair comes out


A quinine shot to stimulate hair's natural growth

Klorane botanists have discovered the quinine tree, a tree native to South America, and the quinine contained in its bark, a molecule with powerful fortifying and stimulating properties. Its boosting effect awakens the hair follicle and strengthens the anchoring of the hair, thus slowing down hair loss. The bark is collected by hand, then concentrated in a patented active extract.


How to wash your hair (the right way)

Our tutorial on how to properly wash your hair with the quinine shampoo. The trick is to massage your head!

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How to build a haircare routine that works for you

A good haircare routine should have 3 steps, after identifying the needs of your scalp and hair lengths.
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