Exposed hair (sun, pollution)

Exposed hair (sun, pollution)

Just like our skin, our hair is also sensitive to sun exposure. It becomes damaged and brittle. Our Monoi & organic Tamanu products protect, nourish and repair your hair before, during and after sun exposure. So that you can enjoy the sun in complete peace of mind.

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Lazing about in the sun, swimming in the sea or in the pool... these are the little moments of pleasure that summer has in store for us. Yes, but the sun and swimming also mean UV rays, salt and chlorine that can damage your beautiful hair! To avoid unpleasant surprises, think of protecting your hair with Klorane's hair care for exposed hair. Healthy, effective and wonderfully scented, you will be completely satisfied.  

Why opt for a treatment for exposed and damaged hair?

Klorane's hair care for exposed hair is specially formulated to treat hair that is subjected to various daily aggressions. In addition to wind and pollution, the rain, sun, sea salt and chemicals from swimming pools come to mind.

Moreover, hair that has been dyed, bleached, permed or straightened is even more fragile and easily damaged. Certain cosmetics used on the hair fibre are often harmful to it, as they have to open its cuticles to penetrate it. This can cause the hair to become more damaged and brittle if it’s subjected to further external aggressions.

That’s why it’s important to moisturise and protect it with Klorane's hair care for exposed hair. It’s a treatment with UVA and UVB filters. As it’s made from natural products, including ylang-ylang, it’s very respectful of the skin and hair.

Discover our protective sun care oil with Ylang-Ylang wax and say goodbye to damaged hair!

When should I use Klorane's sun care for exposed hair?

Our protective oil with Ylang-Ylang wax is a treatment for exposed hair that provides protection all summer long. Simply apply it as a spray when you style your hair on a daily basis. You'll find that your hair will stay healthy and protected against UV rays.

If you're going swimming, protect your hair from chlorine or salt by spraying a little oil onto it. After swimming, rinse and spritz on the oil with ylang-ylang wax again. Because of its lightweight texture, it will not weigh your hair down. It will keep its suppleness, silkiness, shine and softness, even if you use it a lot. The product will also give you a fresh feeling thanks to its delicate fragrance. Its colour will also not change or fade even if it’s exposed to the sun for several hours.

Effective care for exposed hair

Our Ylang-Ylang wax treatment immediately protects your hair as soon as it is applied. It deeply nourishes and sheaths the hair fibre, which has been damaged by colouring, salt, chlorine and the sun. Its texture is also very pleasant. It’s soft, lightweight and does not stick to the hair.

For a long-lasting effect, it’s essential that you use it at least once a day before going out. Ideally, also apply it once you get back home and consistently after washing your hair if it has been wet by the sea or pool water. Finally, choose a good shampoo that effectively removes sand and chemicals to prevent the hair from becoming damaged and brittle.

The benefits of care for exposed hair

According to beauty experts, protecting your hair from UV rays should be part of your beauty routine. Using Klorane's care products for exposed hair will help you keep your hair healthy. You won't be afraid to take a stroll under the sun or dive into a pool.

As a complement to your exposed hair care, we suggest the repairing and nourishing mask with organic Cupuaçu from Klorane, which will help the hair fibre to regenerate and regain its health. If your hair is fine and you want to invigorate it, use our leave-in concentrate with essential olive extract. To revitalise dry and damaged hair, you will be pleasantly surprised by our Mango day cream. It will soften your hair and give it an intense shine. Additionally, in order to lighten your blonde hair, opt for our Chamomile spray. Your hair will be shiny, supple and silky.

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