Save water !

Green Challenge


What about committing together to save water? Let's take up the challenge! 

As a key facet of eco-responsibility, water is at the core of the Klorane commitment in terms of both use and recycling, as well as protection.

Since 2012, all formulas for new Klorane products are biodegradable and rinse off in an optimal way (to save you time and, above all, rinse water).

Are you ready to commit? Every day in your bathroom? Then choose the challenge that corresponds to you and make it known.

Water, a treasure to protect

On average, a European consumes 160 liters of water daily, representing nearly 60,000 liters yearly. This enormous volume is rather unequally distributed, since nearly 40% corresponds to baths and showers, 20% to the use of toilets, 12% to washing clothes and 10% to washing dishes; the remaining amount corresponds to food preparation or domestic use. Of course, water consumption varies among households, but it's important to reduce it for the sake of both the planet and your budget.

Pick your challenge

Obviously, there are well-known ways to save water that you can adopt personally and share with friends and family, including turning off the faucet when you no longer need running water. For instance? When you shower, while you apply soap to your body or shampoo your hair, while you wait for a mask to act and, of course, while you're brushing your teeth or washing your hands. But Klorane suggests meeting other types of challenges that are more fun and add a bit of interest to your daily bath routines.

Are you ready?

Washbowl Challenge

Whereas it requires from 40 to 80 liters of water for a 4-5-minute shower and from 150 to 200 liters of water for a bath, you need only a few liters to wash with a cloth at the washbasin. Replacing one shower per week with this new routine is as retro as it is amusing and saves over 4,000 liters of water yearly. So how about a weekly vintage wash?

#feelgoodactgood #washbowlchallenge

Dry Shampoo Challenge

Each week, how about replacing one of your rinse-off shampoos with a dry shampoo? In addition to refreshing your hair, it will be your best ally for texturizing your hair and adding volume to it. You'll also save 500 liters of water yearly. Combining usefulness and pleasure in a simple, natural way is the key to a botanical soul.

#feelgoodactgood #dryshampoochallenge

Shower Hit Challenge

On average, spending five minutes in the shower corresponds to consuming 60 to 200 liters of water (no kidding). Although there are tools for saving water and time (mixer tap, shower cut-off, timer, etc.), you can meet the challenge in a more entertaining way and without a special installation. Choose a song that lasts under three minutes and puts you in a happy mood. Sing your heart out and get out of the shower when the music stops. The 2'17" of "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong will take you directly to the master level!

#feelgoodactgood #showerhitchallenge