Revive the shine of icy grey or white hair thanks to our Organic Centaury range, whose formula with bluish plant pigments immediately neutralises the hair’s yellowish tones*.

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Why did you choose Centaury for the icy blonde/white hair care range?

We have selected ORGANIC Centaury, a source of cyanocentaurein and a plant-based pigment with bluish undertones traditionally used to give white or grey hair a pretty silver sheen. With true detangling properties, the formula of Klorane’s Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with ORGANIC Centaury coats the hair with subtle cool tones. Soft and easy to style, the hair's true beauty and radiance is revealed.

Where does Klorane's Centaury come from?

The Centaury contained in the range's products is grown in a short supply chain in southwest France, on Klorane’s own land.

What are the benefits of the Organic Centaury range?

Our Organic Centaury range consists of a shampoo and a conditioner with high-tolerance formulas that gently cleanse and detangle without damaging the hair or scalp.
The formula of the Shampoo with Organic Centaury actively neutralises yellowing white, grey or platinum blonde hair.
It revives the beauty and shine of grey and blonde hair. Centaury is traditionally used to restore the colour intensity of grey and blonde hair.
The organic Centaury Conditioner’s formula detangles and deeply nourishes to protect lengths and ends when combing. It actively neutralises the yellowing of white, grey and platinum blonde hair in addition to the shampoo.

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