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Smooth and straighten naturally How can I dry my hair without damaging it?

Whether it's with a straightener or a traditional round hair brush and hair dryer, heat styling can take a toll on hair, especially when done regularly. We recommend taking a few precautions... styling your hair without damaging it is possible!

Today’s heat styling is similar to perms in the past

We've all tried it at least once in front of the mirror inspired by Rachel Green's hair in Friends, with... unexpected results. Heat styling damages your hair's health. Harsh thermal conditions can damage the hair fibre and dry out your hair. The hair is stripped of all its protection against external aggression, it turns into a vicious circle that’s hard to break. When straightening or blow-drying your hair, a few steps are essential. It is important to apply a treatment with thermo-protective action before blow-drying and a repairing treatment afterwards to "relieve" the hair fibre.

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Arnaud Laures, Doctor in Pharmacy

Advice for natural and gentle straightening


Before blow-drying, protect your hair with a heat protectant product such as mango oil, which prepares the weakened fibre from the heat it will be exposed to, while also taming the hair by smoothing and closing the hair's cuticles. The hair is coated and left perfectly nourished and radiant.

After, you can repair your hair with the cupuaçu butter mask, which is used without rinsing as a day cream on the lengths. Thanks to its triple action, it intensely nourishes, fills in deep cracks and makes the hair more resistant. It will allow a longer hold of the blow-dry and bring softness to the hair. 

Organic cupuaçu butter mask to make your blow-dry last longer

This extremely rich mask with organic cupuaçu butter nourishes as well as repairs the hair. Its formula helps control frizz and eases the styling process for perfect results. Hair is left smooth and glossy, helping your hairstyle last all day long.

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What people are saying

I love applying mango oil before styling my hair! I see a noticeable difference in my hair when I skip this step in my routine.

Myriam34 years old

Good habits 

5 tips for heat styling without damaging 

  • Ideally, you should blow-dry your hair on pre-washed, towel-dried hair, not on dry hair, as this could damage it
  • I use a hair dryer with a nozzle that spreads the heat evenly over my hair.
  • I never use the maximum intensity of my hair dryer.
  • I keep my hair dryer at least 15 cm away from the hair so as not to damage the hair fibre.
  • I clean my brush regularly.


The secret to beautiful curls: cupuaçu. How you heard of this wonderful plant?

Enriched with ultra-nourishing active ingredients, cupuaçu is an amazing Amazonian plant that’s perfect for curly or frizzy hair. It’s a simple and natural solution to protect the hair and give it suppleness every day. And since we're also sharing some expert hair advice, there's no excuse not to give your curls the care they deserve!

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