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CURLY HAIR How can I take care of my wavy or curly hair naturally?

Curly hair is physiologically drier as sebum, which acts as a protective shield for hair, struggles to reach the entire length of the hair. As a result, curly hair tends to be more rough to the touch, duller and more unruly as it isn’t fully coated with sebum.

Routine for beautiful wavy or curly hair

The first step to beautiful curly hair is therefore to maintain and nourish the hair in depth to gain suppleness and shine, while promoting curl definition. A haircare routine rich in fatty acids is recommended to protect curly hair, enhance it and act on several levels:

- to retain water in the hair and thus maintain a good level of hydration
- to strengthen or repair the keratin fibres that make up the hair.
- to improve the hair's resistance to external aggressions.

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Her tips for enhancing your curls naturally

We can’t stress this enough: the first step to beautiful here is nutrition. Cupuaçu butter, harvested in Amazon according to agrobiological standards, has been selected by Klorane for active unsaturated fatty acids which nourish the hair in depth and strengthen the hair's keratin fibres.

How to use it: after washing your hair, let your hair dry naturally and detangle it with your fingers or with a wide-toothed comb to avoid a “mousse” effect. Leave the curls to take shape and keep them in place throughout the day with an oil or a leave-in treatment, without using too much to weigh them down. Avoid hair dryers that damage keratin and brushes that tend to break the hair.

A shampoo rich in cupuaçu fatty acids to nourish without weighing down curls

A shampoo rich in cupuaçu fatty acids to nourish without weighing down curls

This shampoo with organic cupuaçu butter cleans while nourishing and coating the hair fibre. The exceptional nutritive qualities of cupuaçu selected by Klorane allows for repairing action without weighing down the hair, giving curls definition and bounce.

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A concentrate of organic cupuaçu butter in an ultra-repairing mask that’s ideal for curly hair

A concentrate of organic cupuaçu butter in an ultra-repairing mask that’s ideal for curly hair

This extremely rich mask fills in the deep cracks in the hair's keratin, making it more resistant day after day. It provides deep repair right to the ends, leaving hair shiny and supple, ready to be styled.

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What people are saying

Cupuaçu butter is truly amazing! My curly hair was so dry before... It was my hairdresser who told me about the Klorane range, and I can really see the difference it’s made. My hair has become softer, shinier, it looks great!

Aurianne25 years old
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Hair needs to be moisturised from the inside too

Curly hair has one essential need: hydration. Just like your skin, you can provide it with treatments and masks, but hydration should also come from within! So, first step: drink a lot of water (at least 1.5 litres).

In addition, you can also try dietary supplements to restore curly hair and stimulate growth, ideally over a period of 3 months.


Sometimes we can get tired of our curls and decide to straighten it.

Even though this is a great way to achieve a different look it’s extremely damaging to hair! The hair dryer and straighteners can damage your hair but there are a few techniques and products you can apply to protect your hair. Our experts have got you covered, don’t worry.

Dry your hair without damaging it
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