Care and radiance in no time

A day cream… for your hair

leave-in klorane mangue

You don’t start your day without applying a day cream on your skin, do you? Well, what about your hair? Just like your face, your hair needs daily care. Like your skin, it requires a well-suited day cream: hydrating, nourishing, smoothing, etc… Klorane leave-in creams are inspired by your life-style and created to make your life easier.

Hydrating, nourishing, smoothing… Klorane leave-in creams can do it all.

Prolong the effects of your colour treatment, protect your tie&dye from UV rays, ensure your hair is perfectly smooth: Klorane leave-in creams can do it all. They make life easier. Their plant-based active ingredients (mango & date) work on both dry and wet hair and respect your scalp and hair. Klorane leave-in creams can be used anytime, anywhere, be it to avoid dehydrating hair or to protect your hair from bad weather conditions. Make them part of your beauty routine now!

Our tips for use

Fondre 2 noisettes de soin

Work two pea-sized amounts of product in the palm of your hand

Work two pea-sized amounts of cream in the palm of your hand to maximize the effects

Répartir la crème de jour sur les longueurs et pointes

Apply on lengths and ends

Apply your leave-in cream but be careful, never use it on the scalp.

Lisser la chevelure

Smoothe the hair

The hair fibre soaks up the cream and absorbs it completely. Gently brush your hair using your fingers or a brush and hairdryer.

Choose your day cream

The perfect combo : a Day Cream + your favorite Dry Shampoo!

Our expert methods

klorane le geste

Reveal your blond highlights

Reveal your blond highlights

Chamomile and Honey, there is no better combination to brighten your blond hair! For a perfect tie & dye effect, try this sun lightening ritual.