La menthe aquatique

This perennial plant with a powerful scent characteristic of mint is also known as "water mint". It grows abundantly in moist ground, along the banks of streams and rivers, which makes it an indicator plant for the presence of water. It flowers from July to October.

Also known as "water mint"

For centuries, mint has traditionally been used around the world for its many refreshing, antiseptic and stimulating properties. More recently is has been used in waste stabilization ponds for wastewater treatment.

Mentha aquatica L.

Klorane Aquatic mint is grown organically on our own land in Gaillac in southwest France.



Aquatic mint with unique and doubly proven decontaminating properties: on the scalp by our Klorane experts, and in fresh water by Tsinghua University in China, supported by Klorane Botanical Foundation.


The environment with an eco-friendly project, from organic farming to production via short distribution channels. And fresh water by supporting, alongside Klorane Botanical Foundation, a decontamination project that uses Aquatic mint to clean up contaminated water in South West France.


The wealth of this plant through an expert and eco-friendly care ritual with natural and biodegradable formulas and proven anti-pollution effectiveness, and by letting the world know about the exceptional properties of an underestimated plant.