The natural anti-dark circle routine for difficult mornings

The natural anti-dark circle routine for difficult mornings

After a sleepless night, can you really avoid dark circles and bags under the eyes when you wake up? The good news is that you can wake up your complexion and eye area in just a few steps (at least you’ll look awake even if you don’t feel it!).

 Signs of tired skin

Do you have a dull complexion, dark circles, bags under the eyes and a puffy face? No doubt about it, your skin is well and truly tired.

Why is the eye area particularly affected by fatigue? Firstly, the skin here is 3 to 4 times thinner than on the rest of the face. Secondly, it’s an area under constant strain with as many as 10,000 blinks a day.

Its circulatory system is sluggish, which naturally slows down microcirculation. Finally, it’s a reactive area that can often suffer from intolerance or allergy. 

Result: the eye area is the first place that fatigue leaves its mark! You should therefore make sure to take special care of it. With the right routine, it is possible to get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes naturally. 

Dark circles and bags under the eyes: where do they come from?

Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep... It all happens at night, when the skin repair process reaches its peak 

If you don't get enough sleep, fatigue instantly shows on your face. Your vascular tone is tired and microcirculation of blood and water is slowed down. This has two consequences: 

  • The blood vessels no longer supply the skin with all the nutrients it needs to function properly and glow. 
  • Water stagnates in the vessels and tissues, which causes water retention in the skin and more particularly in the eyes: hello bags and dark circles! 

The right SOS action

3 steps to wake up your face 

  • Start by refreshing your skin with a spray of floral water or soothing micellar water, for a good freshness boost that doesn’t harm the skin. 
  • Place cold green tea bags on your eyelids for about ten minutes. You could also do this with compresses soaked in cold water or, better still, relaxing patches for an quick radiance boost! 
  • Use a targeted product morning and evening and gently massage the eye area to stimulate microcirculation, reducing puffiness and dark circles. 

The anti-fatigue eye area routine

There's no better way to start the day than with a facial routine that instantly and naturally wakes up your skin!
The Triple Action Roll-on for brightened eyes

The Triple Action Roll-on for brightened eyes

Anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and brightening, this Roll-on with Organic Cornflower awakens and revives in the blink of an eye. It is also suitable for sensitive eyes. 

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The quick fix: Smoothing, anti-fatigue eye patches

The quick fix: Smoothing, anti-fatigue eye patches

Pleasant and fresh, these patches give the eye area a targeted infusion of hyaluronic acid. Just 15 minutes are enough to eliminate dark circles, bags and fine lines!

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What people are saying

I didn't think that eye patches could be so effective and pleasant to use. As a young mother, it has become my go-to after sleepless nights

Laura31 years old

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