Your natural anti-dandruff routine to rebalance and cleanse your scalp.

Alpinia Galanga

Hair care with Galangal

Your natural anti-dandruff routine to rebalance and cleanse your scalp.

Rediscover the joy of a healthy, dandruff-free scalp
for a long time thanks to Galangal. At the heart of our new
we chose it for its ultra-effective anti-inflammatory
and ultra-effective properties. Visible results from the first use

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The Galangal range

Step 1: Treat and purify

Start by removing all dandruff, no matter how persistent, with our Mask-Powder Treatment, which combines the benefits of Galangal and natural exfoliating particles.

The result

Effective from the first use¹

100%visible dandruff removed¹
1 monthprevents dandruff from reappearing¹
89%less itchiness after a single application¹

The routine of... Jeanne

My dandruff is my biggest complex. I have dandruff that comes back from time to time and is very persistent. I have tried several treatments and shampoos before, but I feel like they have damaged my hair. With Klorane's Galangal range, I can finally treat the root problem without compromising the health of my hair. I use the powdered mask twice a week as a supplement to treat the most persistent dandruff and, on a daily basis, the Realancing Shampoo with Galangal to maintain a healthy scalp. The results are here!

Jeanne, 29 years oldKlorane customer

The little plus that changes everything

A treatment powder mask for gentle cleansing

An easy and innovative way to shower with a soft
and sensory product, all while using less water!

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A unique and innovative formula

Active plant ingredients selected by our botanists to combat dandruff without damaging the scalp.




Derived from natural rocks, they are both very rich in minerals and trace elements. It balances the sebum on the surface of the scalp and helps to eliminate impurities. White clay, commonly known as kaolin, is very rich in silica and helps soften and soothe irritated scalps.


Alpinia galanga is a plant native to Southeast Asia that is used in traditional Chinese and Ayruvedic medicine for its purifying and cleansing properties. We have selected it for its effectiveness and quick action, which is 4 times greater than Zinc Pyrithione against all types of dandruff.


Lactic Acid, the mildest form of alpha hydroxy acid, adds exfoliating and moisturising properties to the formula. It restores suppleness and elasticity to the scalp and hair.


What two types of dandruff are there?


Dry scalp and dry dandruff.

Dry dandruff takes the form of small white flakes that do not stick to the scalp. They can fall on your shoulders like snow when you style your hair. You can treat it with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Whether dry or oily, the solution to dandruff is the same: gently moisturise and soothe, remove dandruff with a gentle exfoliating product and provide lasting cleansing of the scalp and its microbiome.

With an oily scalp comes oily dandruff 

Oily dandruff is caused by hyper-seborrhea, i.e. an overproduction of sebum. They are usually much larger than dry dandruff and can clump together with the sebum acting as glue. This is a real vicious circle: the stronger the amount of seborrheic flow, the more the asphyxiation of the epidermis worsens and the imbalance of the microbiome occurs. Whether dry or oily, the solution to dandruff is the same: gently moisturise and soothe, remove dandruff with a gentle exfoliating product and provide lasting cleansing of the scalp and its microbiome.

Do you have any questions?

Our experts and botanists answer your questions (even the craziest ones).

Our Galangal comes from Indonesia and is grown on the island of Java with respect for the local communities and environment thanks to a programme set up by the Klorane Botanical Foundation.

Yes! Galangal works four times faster, and protects you for at least 1 month before dandruff reappears. In addition, Galangal is safe to use, unlike potentially harmful chemicals such as Zinc Pyrithione.

This is an eco-friendly choice from Klorane: the fact that it is in powder form allows water to be saved when manufacturing the product as well as half the CO2 emissions compared to a traditional product. In addition, this type of galenic formula means that no preservatives are needed and it' s wonderful to see this powder transform into a beautiful creamy foam upon contact with just a few drops of water.

Absolutely! It will treat dandruff of any kind and purify the scalp for a long time, but nothing prevents you from combining it with a conditioner from another range for dry scalp if you have dry dandruff, such as our Mango Intense Nourishing Mask, or Intense Nourishing Mask if you have oily dandruff to regulate the
sebum on the scalp.

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A committed range (like us)!

From the growing stage to the design of eco-friendly packaging, we strive to protect the planet as well as your hair at all times.

Responsible sourcing

The Galangal chosen for our formulas is grown on the island of Java in Indonesia by local communities and harvested at full maturity with respect for the plant and the environment, in a sustainable and responsible way.

  • A partnership with six local communities to harvest and replant galangal plants.
  • Biodiversity awareness programmes for children.
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Respect for the environment

To fight against deforestation in Indonesia, the Klorane Botanical Foundation is committed to the NGO Coeur de Forêt with a programme aimed at replanting 10,000 trees in agroforestry on the island of Flores, distributed according to useful and locally threatened species. It supports local producers in the responsible culture of galanga and participates in
raising children's awareness of reforestation, sustainable agricultural practices and biodiversity.

More respectful packaging

We have prioritised the eco-design of the Galangal range of products. So our innovative Mask Powder requires much less water to produce than a classic mask
or shampoo. In addition, all the packaging in the range is recyclable, and our shampoo bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.

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