Ritual with Flax fiber

Linum usitatissimum L.

Airy, volume and movement

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We have selected Flax, a light and delicate plant rich in mucilage, a substance that gives hair natural support, coating it and plumping it up to provide volume and bounce, from the root. We cultivate it on our own land and it is a certified organic crop.

Shampooing aux fibres de lin


Volume essential
Texturizes hair and reveals a natural supple volume.

Restores volume

Boosting care
This hair care product instantly lifts the roots and provides volume to your hair making blowdrying your hair easier.

« Change the life of fine hair by revealing a supple and light volume from the roots through the lengths of your hair. »

Linum usitatissimum L.
Lin gauche
Linum usitatissium L. (Flax) for its soluble fibers known as mucillage, providing a natural volume support structure to the hair.
Fibres de lin centre
The Flax seed when fully ripe, on our own organically farmed land
Lin droite
Natural ingredients in an extract with scientifically proven volume-enhancing properties.