Nourishing and repairing hair ritual with organic Cupuaçu Butter

Theobroma grandiflorum

Nourishing and repairing

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This new range of eco-designed care products with organic Cupuaçu Butter deeply nourishes and repairs your very dry and damaged hair. For hair that is soft to the touch, supple and shiny, easier to style.


Cleanses and nourishes

Nourishing and repairing
Deeply cleanses and nourishes very dry and damaged hair

Detangles and protects

Nourishing and repairing
Detangles, nourishes and repairs hair fibres all the way down to the ends.


Intensely nourishing
Nourishes intensely and makes the hair more resistant

« active ingredient generous by nature »

Theobroma grandiflorum
the full richness of Cupuaçu, with its proven, highly effective properties: 1.5 times more nourishing and 1.4 times more repairing power than Shea butter * *In vitro water absorption study
biodiversity through responsible and organic farming of Cupuaçu trees, using agroforestry techniques. Klorane Botanical Foundation is committed to supporting communities new to this method of cultivation, thereby combating deforestation.
the treasures of Organic Cupuacu Butter in natural, eco-designed hair care products, combining all the nourishment that very dry, damaged hair needs with the pleasure of a fine texture with sensory appeal.

Natural Tips

Split ends, rough texture, dullness... whether your hair is very dry by nature like coarse hair, or whether it has been damaged by treatments, we are there to help! Here are 4 natural solutions to try out immediately for beautiful, silky hair!

Eco-friendly range

Pour sa gamme de soins pour cheveux au Cupuaçu Bio, Klorane s'engage à fabriquer des produits éco-responsables à toutes les étapes du cycle de vie du produit.