The benefits of Pomegranate bark, known for its natural antioxidant properties, are available in a complete range of treatments for colour-treated hair. For intense, colourful hair — and personality!

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Pomegranate bark care routine: the solution to brighten your colour

Pomegranate bark: the routine for coloured and highlighted hair

Colouring, highlights and balayage restore light, texture and shine to dull hair, but the effects don't last over time. How can you remedy this? Offering products with heart and soul, Klorane has selected the best of nature from the heart of Morocco: pomegranate bark.  

Enhancing, illuminating and prolonging the intensity of your colour are now possible, thanks to this ritual. Klorane offers you the best of nature for your coloured or highlighted hair. Traditionally used by Moroccan women to dye precious fabrics, this exotic hand-picked and sun-dried fruit, more specifically the tannin-rich Punica granatum L. species, fixes the colour to the hair’s keratin, reveals its intensity yet preserves your hair fibre. Following its botanical approach, Klorane is therefore committed to taking care of you while preserving nature.

Pomegranate: a colour revealer

In addition to changing its shade, repeated colouring alters the quality of your hair. Your hair is dry, damaged and weakened. But combining a regenerating treatment with your colouring routine protects you from these problems. This exceptional, colour-revealing routine for coloured and highlighted hair consists of four products:

  • Shampoo with Pomegranate
  • Sulphate-free anti-fade shampoo with Pomegranate
  • Conditioner with Pomegranate
  • Leave-in cream with Pomegranate

Colour-enhancing shampoo with Pomegranate

Start this treatment with our Punica granatum L. colour-enhancing shampoo, enriched with pomegranate bark extract. Its tannin-rich complex enhances, captures, fixes and prolongs your colour: 85% satisfaction*. Apply just a small amount of this ultra-gentle product to your wet hair, emulsify and gently massage your scalp to stimulate it, then rinse. Do not repeat. Your hair will be pampered and regain its shine and softness. Wash after wash, your colour will always shine through. This pink bottle comes in 200 ml and 400 ml sizes. Your hair colour is protected from fading and always left looking beautiful. 

*Satisfaction test on 67 women after 15 days of use.

Anti-fade shampoo with Pomegranate

Formulated without sulphates* and rich in tannins and plant proteins, the colour-enhancing anti-fade shampoo with Punica granatum L. pomegranate cares for your hair while protecting it. This anti-fade, colour-fixing shampoo with an ultra-gentle cleansing base is available in a 200 ml size. Guaranteed sulphate-free, with no silicones to weigh down the hair and no parabens. Your colour is prolonged beyond 10 shampoos. Revealed colour - 88% satisfaction**, Fixed colour - 94% satisfaction**, Radiant colour - 82% satisfaction**

*Free of sulphated surfactants **Satisfaction test with 32 women after 15 days of use. Dermatologically tested.

Conditioner with Pomegranate

The colour-enhancing conditioner with Punica granatum L. pomegranate increases the repairing and colour-fixing effect of this routine tenfold. Apply generously to the ends and lengths of the hair after shampooing, on well towel dried hair. Leave on for a few minutes so that the product, with its emollient properties, can penetrate deep into the hair, then rinse. Your hair is instantly detangled and regains softness, suppleness and vitality. Your hair colour is fixed even more, so it lasts over the long term. This paraben and silicone-free conditioner intensifies and adds the finishing touch to this hair beauty ritual. 

Instant detangling - 91% satisfaction*, Silky hair - 92% satisfaction**, Revived colour - 92% satisfaction**

*Satisfaction test on 59 women after testing the product.

**Satisfaction test on 59 women after 15 days of use. Dermatologically tested.

Leave-in cream with Pomegranate

The colour enhancing leave-in cream with Pomegranate accentuates the highlights of colour-treated hair, nourishes the hair fibre and enhances the colour. Apply a small amount of cream to the dry or towel-dried lengths and ends of your hair. As there’s no need to rinse, you can move on right to styling. Used daily, the leave-in cream with Pomegranate prolongs your colour with a non-greasy, silky finish. Made in France with the utmost care for nature, the leave-in cream completes your Pomegranate-based routine. Protected colour - 87% satisfaction*, Enhanced colour: 82% agree*

*Satisfaction test on 63 women after 15 days of use. Dermatologically tested.

The benefits of a Pomegranate-based hair care routine

The complete Pomegranate hair care routine, consisting of a shampoo, an anti-fade shampoo, a conditioner and a leave-in cream, keeps your hair colour, highlights or balayage looking radiant and shiny. Using multiple hair products is the secret to beautiful hair. With this routine, your hair becomes easy to style, luminous and radiant. This exotic fruit has moisturising, nourishing, antioxidant and softening properties whilst slowing down hair loss. Dullness and flatness disappear, leaving the hair repaired, ultra soft, lightweight and silky.

This routine with Pomegranate – a natural treasure – revives, intensifies and maintains your hair colour. Treat yourself to this ritual and you'll guarantee yourself radiant and brilliant colour. Klorane puts the best of nature at your service and reveals your beauty. Letting nature work miracles on your hair simply means letting nature work.

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