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Natural antioxidants: what are the benefits for the skin?

Antioxidants are among the top active ingredients that the whole beauty world is talking about. Present in many everyday foods, they are skin health’s best friend. Let's take a look at the best natural antioxidants.

What is skin oxidation?

In antioxidant, there is the word oxidation. Let's start by exploring this natural phenomenon that can turn into oxidative stress, becoming harmful to the skin. 

How does oxidation of the skin, also known as oxidative stress, work? Pollution, sunlight, smoking, poor diet: the state of our skin is subject to the environment in which we live. This also affects skin’s ability to protect itself from these multiple damaging factors. In high amounts, these factors lead to oxidative stress: the skin then starts to over-produce molecules called free radicals. They destabilise other skin cells and therefore weaken the dermis and epidermis. This is how dullness, skin ageing and even certain diseases are caused. Fortunately, it is possible to protect yourself from oxidation by taking the right action. 

Antioxidants: definition and benefits

Antioxidants are like nature's superheroes in charge of protecting our skin. 

More accurately, these are molecules that prevent or slow down the oxidation of the skin. When the epidermis is subjected to too many damaging external factors, it produces more and more free radicals. These free radicals, in too large quantities, attack the cells and thus affect the proper functioning of the skin. This is when antioxidants come into play. They act as shields, neutralising free radicals and allowing the skin to defend itself better. In short, natural antioxidants help to keep the body (and skin) healthy throughout your life!

Natural antioxidants: our tips for beautiful skin

Getting your fill of antioxidants for the skin is a breeze when you know that nature is full of them!

Taking care of your skin starts with your plate. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C but also vitamins A and E such as carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers, etc. Add trace minerals to boost the body's antioxidant enzymes with zinc (found in oysters, almonds, coral lentils), copper (sesame, hazelnuts) or selenium (Brazil nuts, wholemeal bread, boiled eggs). A few berries and a cup of tea as a snack for a good dose of polyphenols, the molecules that protect the skin from damaging external factors.
And to finish off the day in style, bite into a square (or two) of dark chocolate, a real bomb of natural antioxidants, and you're done!

Aquatic mint, a powerful antioxidant for the skin

Aquatic mint, a powerful antioxidant for the skin

It's not just food that can provide your skin with a boost of antioxidants; cosmetics also have their role to play.

When the skin is exposed to pollution, squalene, the main component of sebum, is damaged by its molecules. This simultaneously causes a deficiency in vitamins C and E, two antioxidants naturally present in the epidermis. Fortunately, aquatic mint helps to reduce this damage. 

This is due to its concentration of rosmarinic acid, a bioactive plant-based compound, from the family of polyphenols (known for their antioxidant power). It also helps to eliminate toxins accumulated on the surface of the skin (sweat, tobacco, polluting particles, etc.). When used as a facial skincare treatment, the skin stays hydrated and protected!

Experience the benefits of aquatic mint with Klorane

Deeply cleanse and protect the skin from oxidative stress generated by pollution: aquatic mint has exceptional skincare properties. Enjoy all the benefits of this powerful antioxidant.
Say goodbye to dullness with the 3-in-1 Purifying Powder

Say goodbye to dullness with the 3-in-1 Purifying Powder

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For clean skin: the Stick Mask

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A natural solution for every skin type

A natural solution for every skin type

To make the right decisions for your skin, you need to know it well! Understand how it works and its specific needs. Our botanical experts have chosen the most effective active ingredients from nature to care for each skin type and our skin experts share their advice on how to incorporate them into your routine. So what does your skin need? 

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