Ritual with Essential Olive extract

Olea europaea L.

Thickness and vitality

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Klorane Laboratories have extracted a vital water from the Koroneiki olive; use of this vital water is unique in cosmetics. With its high content of nutrients, trace elements and antioxidants, it restores hair that has weakened and thinned over time, providing texture, volume and thickness.

shampooing a l'extrait essentiel d'olivier


Thickness and vitality
Regenerates age-weakened hair and restores the scalp's balance.
concentre sans rincage a l'extrait essentiel d'olivier


Thickness and vitality
An exclusive routine for revitalizing and maintaining the scalp's youthfulness and injecting thickness and vitality into the hair fiber.

« Bringing thickness and vitality to thinning, aging hair »

Olea europaea L.
Extrait essentiel d'Olivier gauche
the Olea europaea L. for the exceptional longevity virtues of its fruits.
Extrait essentiel d'Olivier centre
The freshy green gold fruit recognized for its nourishing and strengthening properties.
Extrait essentiel d'Olivier droite
the scalp, the hair and provide antioxidant protection.