The benefits of Organic Olive and Essential Olive Extract, rich in trace elements and antioxidants, are available in a complete range of revitalizing treatments for hair that has been weakened and thinned out over time. Its high nutrient content regenerates the hair, giving it vitality, body and thickness.

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The sensual softness of Organic Olive to add vitality to your hair

Klorane's Organic Olive products: a unique range for hair care

The Klorane Organic Olive range features products with Mediterranean soul, derived from trees grown organically on the soils of the Peloponnese, in Greece, and manufactured in France. The active ingredients in our olive extract-based treatments have been carefully selected with three objectives in mind: to thicken your hair, to allow it to regenerate and to revitalise it.  

Powered by Organic Olive, the resulting routine is a source of vitality for your hair. It respects its fragile nature and strengthens it thanks to its high nutrient content: the anti-oxidants are effective weapons against all environmental stresses – atmospheric pollution, dust and dirt particles, ultra-violet rays – and the numerous trace elements energise your hair from root to tip. 

Your hair is a highly exposed part of your body. Without very respectful care, you risk contributing to its damage by using unsuitable products. The Olive extract-based care products feature a subtle blend of natural and organic elements. They improve the beauty and health of the hair and promote good growth. They contain protein, mineral salts and active ingredients that improve your hair's health. Over time, organic Olive-based hair care products help to strengthen the hair follicle and improve the quality of your hair.

Klorane Organic Olive hair care products

Klorane Laboratories offer you its Organic Olive-based hair care range featuring three products that are perfect for limp, lifeless hair: the shampoo, the conditioner and the leave-in spray. What are their respective advantages? 

First off, the shampoo stands out for the gentleness of its cleansing base and its high content of Organic Olive, allowing hair that tends to lose vitality over time to be regenerated. Using the Organic Olive shampoo guarantees more hair density, as the hair fibre is strengthened and becomes thicker. You will notice that your hair becomes suppler and has more body. Your Klorane Organic Olive Shampoo is synonymous with vitality and thickness.

The conditioner effectively complements the revitalising action of the shampoo. Both moisturising and regenerating, this conditioner is a concentrate of Organic Olive with an airy and creamy texture that gives your hair a natural shine and invigorating softness. The hair fibre is regenerated by the nourishing ingredients that make up this conditioner. In short, your Klorane Organic Olive Conditioner guarantees easy detangling and hair rejuvenation.

The leave-in spray is the best way to gently revitalise your scalp. Gently applied to the scalp, it penetrates to the base of your hair and provides a final touch of firmness from the roots to the tips. Your hair is given a new lease on life and strength. Incredibly rich in essential Olive extract, the Klorane Laboratories' leave-in spray revitalises the hair and preserves its youthfulness.

Olive’s 1001 virtues

If there is an emblem of excellence of the Mediterranean, it’s the olive tree: on each of its shores, its fruit has been used for thousands of years for its many properties. A symbol of peace, longevity and health, it is above all a robust tree that links man to the earth through its broad trunk and deep roots. Even in ancient times, the Greeks and Egyptians used olives and their oil as a body treatment, renowned for its moisturising powers.

Naturally, the anti-ageing benefits of olives are well known, as they are loaded with anti-oxidants, which strengthen the cells of the skin and skull and prevent them from being eroded by time. See our Olive-based care range to restore youth and vitality to the hair and scalp. With a high linoleic acid content, olives naturally moisturise all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its moisturising capacity allows it to nourish the superficial and deep layers of the dermis and epidermis.

The various antioxidants present in our care products effectively help to protect your hair from stress factors, particularly reactive oxygen species. Finally, olives have purifying properties on the scalp. There is no better natural cleanser! For those of you with a history of sensitive skin who have resigned yourself to using harsh shampoos for lack of anything better, your scalp is sure to be both dry and irritated. Klorane's organic Olive-based care range, with its shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray, allows you to take care of your hair while revitalising and thickening its texture. and providing it strength and shine.

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