Freshness, volume and texture

Dry shampoo Nettle

Urtica dioica L.


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Nettle dry shampoo created in 1971, absorbs excess sebum and allows time to be increased between shampoos thanks to a unique formula, combining Nettle extract with seboabsorbing properties and micronised powders with highly aborbent properties. Hair is left clean and volumised in just 2 minutes.

Efficacy : De-lipidant efficacy - 77%*

*Test ex-vivo on hair strand. Tested under dermatological control.

150 ml - Composition

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Oily hair


Natural ingredient

White nettle, cultivated in Eastern Europe respecting the surrounding ecosystem.



Replacing one liquid shampoo per week with a dry shampoo can save 500 L of water every year.

Nettoyer les cheveux sans les mouiller en 2 minutes.

Clean hair without water in just 2 minutes

Clean hair without water in just 2 minutes

Nettoyer les cheveux sans les mouiller en 2 minutes.

- Shake well before use,
- Spray evenly 30 cm away from hair,
- Leave on for 2 minutes,
- Brush thoroughly until the powder is completely removed, preferably with head down

Complete your care ritual

Oil control


Gently clean and purify oily hair. Regulates the amount of sebum by removing excess oil production with each use.

Absorbs excess of sebum, restores volume and texture in 2 minutes only.

shampooing sec teinte extra doux au lait d'avoine

Natural tint

Absorbs excess sebum and add volume and texture to your hair. The light tint blends in naturally in brown to dark hair, without staining or damaging the natural colour.

Hair type


Restores volume

This hair care product instantly lifts the roots and provides volume to your hair making blowdrying your hair easier.

Enhance your colour

Detangles and reinvigorates your colour in 2 minutes. Rich with repairing agents, the formula repairs deep into the hair fibre.


An intense repairing treatment to regenerate dry and brittle hair day after day.

Sun lightening

Brings sunshine to light to dark blond hair with highlights.