Dry Shampoo : Tips & Tricks

THE beauty must-have for all situations

Klorane Dry Shampoo

 After the gym, a big night out or sleeping-in, sometimes you need to admit it : there is no time to wash your hair in the shower. The solution to save yourself? Klorane's dry shampoos!

An essential to carry-on everywhere! Your dry shampoo will be your best ally, morning to evening.

You can be a brunette, blond, red-hair, etc..., Klorane has THE dry shampoo made for you with its plant-based formulas, KLorane dry shampoos fit all hair types. Discover our best tips & tricks and our products range!

Our tips for use

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Shake well

Always give the bottle a good shake before usage.

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Vaporize in the same way as a hairspray. Spray evenly 30 cm away from hair, focusing at the roots and upside down to add extra-volume.

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2 minutes & counting

Let it sit for 2 minutes to let the active ingredient of the plant absorb the oil excess.


Remove any excess

Remove powder by brushing, by hand or with a blow-dryer for a light and airy effect.

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Fix your bobby pins

Spray a pschit of dry shampoo on your bobby pins to give them a better grip.

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Before bed time

Apply a small amount before going to bed allows the product to work overnight.


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Tinted dry shampoo with Oat milk

Our Dry Shampoo range

Products to refresh & revive all hair types! And you, wich one will be yours?

Our expert methods

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Reveal your blond highlights

Reveal your blond highlights

Chamomile and Honey, there is no better combination to brighten your blond hair! For a perfect tie & dye effect, try this sun lightening ritual.