Stay Looking Fly in the Sky!



Why not make the most of your long-haul flight and turn it into a mile-high mini spa experience! Imagine looking like a million bucks upon landing... Follow our Klorane travel tips and you will have the holiday glow the minute you step off the plane!!

Your mini travel survival kit

It is a must to have your beauty essentials on hand with you while you travel. Remember to make sure your favourite beauty items do not exceed 100ml or they will be confiscated at the airport. Top travel tip: get your hands on some samples, travel sizes or even buy travel containers to make sure you have the perfect amount for your trip. Put all your goodies in a plastic bag not exceeding more than 20cm x 20cm for your handbag. What are the essentials for your survival kit: A mini floral water, mini Avene water spray, lip balm, face and hand cream. 

Keep skin hydrated

The air loses 30% of its humidity when traveling by plane, the result is very dry and itchy skin, which leads to an increase in excess sebum on the t-zone. To help prevent this do a gentle scrub the day before you travel. Once in the air; moisturise before and after sleeping for a few hours, A tried and tested tip is to drink lots of water and save the cocktails for the beach clubs and bars. Bring a few herbal tea bags and ask for some hot water - green tea works wonders.


Keep the sparkle in your eye

A long-haul flight means a chance to finally watch the brand new blockbuster movies... don't forget you still need a bit of TLC too, the lack of sleep, the artificial light and lack of moisture in the air will make your eyes look puffy, dull and tired. If you do not plan to rest during the flight, give yourself one hour before you land for a mini eye spa; place a few drops of floral water on 2 cotton pads and leave for 10 minutes on each eye. 

Don't let your legs weigh you down

When traveling by plane it is inevitable that you will endure the feeling of heavy legs. Make sure you travel in loose, comfortable clothes and take off your shoes as soon as you get on board. During the flight, get up regularly and have a walk around. When you are seated, move your legs by doing a few small ankle rotations. Once you have landed, if your legs feel heavy, apply some cream or a cold effect gel to encourage the circulation in your legs. 

Get comfortable from the get go

Take time to settle in from the start; make sure you are comfortable, get the perfect position for your pillow, wear a shawl to avoid feeling cold, adjust your backrest, choose the best temperature from the air-con, put some cream on your face and you should feel at home for a few hours. Keep an eye on the time and one hour before you land go to the toilet before the rush. You can then relax and take your time, use some dry shampoo and apply some cream on the tips of your hair if they are dry. Take advantage of the sink to freshen up and brush your teeth before landing!