Your routine to soften, moisturise and protect normal hair, every day

Avena sativa L.

Oat hair care range

Your routine to soften, moisturise and protect normal hair, every day

Gentle enough for everyday use for the whole family, our Oat range softens and protects the hair while maintaining the natural balance of the scalp. Get soft, silky hair with our Oat range- gentle enough to use daily.


Gently cleanse and moisturise all hair types

Get soft, silky hair with our Oat range- gentle for the whole family.


Gently wash and detangle your hair

  • Softens and protects all hair types
  • Maintains the natural balance of the hair and scalp
  • High tolerance: suitable for the whole family (from 3 years old)

Take care of your hair every day with Oat extract, a natural active ingredient that softens, moisturises and protects. Your hair becomes shiny, manageable and soft to the touch.

Ultra-gentle Shampoo bar with Oat

Oat Hair Ultra-gentle Shampoo bar with Oat

Detangles - Cleans - Protects the scalp and hair

Refresh hair and add lightness

Refresh your hair on the go adding texture and grip in just 2 minutes.


Clean your hair effectively without water

  • Gentle protective formula for all hair types
  • Adds freshness and lightness
  • Apply to dry hair- no rinsing!

Space out your shampoos and keep your blow-dry on point with Klorane dry shampoo with Oat milk 1 dry shampoo per week = 500L of water saved per year!*

A few words from our expert

Oats are an eco-friendly ingredient as they are a hardy grain that requires very little water and are not particularly susceptible to disease. We harvest the grains when they are fully ripe to guarantee an abundance of the active ingredients: the flavonoids.

Alexandre Panel
Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist

Our experts answer your questions

Oats are remarkably rich in carbohydrates, lipids and vitamins with softening, moisturising and protective properties. Our Oat ranges leave hair soft, moisturised and protected.

All our products with Oat are gentle and suitable for every day use by the whole family (from 3 years old). They can be used as often as you like.

We grow our oats organically with a short supply chain in the southwest France.


Did you know?

Legend has it that the English snubbed the Scots, who were already using oats in their diet. It is said that a famous English dictionary gave this definition in 1755: " Oats: a grain that the Scots eat, but the English only give to their horses ". The Scots would have responded..

" This is why England has such good horses and Scotland such admirable men! ".

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