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A caring plan to naturally purify the scalp

Pollution and/or tobacco suffocate the scalp, thus impacting hair health. Just like the rest of the body, the scalp also needs a regular pamper to replenish itself and keep it looking its best.

How to know when the scalp is in need of being purified

Your scalp is the living part of your hair. Sometimes it can show signs of fatigue, particularly due to pollution. The solution? An anti-pollution routine.

A scalp that has been over exposed to pullution can manifest in a number of ways: too oily or too dry, irritated or itchy... all these are signs of an unbalanced scalp. Another sign is that your hair appears dull, lacklustre, heavy, hard to detangle or tangles no matter the intensity and regularity of washes. Sometimes you may feel that your hair smells unpleasant too. If you can relate, your hair is in need of a “fresh start”. Just like your skin, a caring routine is a good solution to cleanse and purify your scalp and hair with products containing naturally-derived ingredients. 

What causes the scalp to “clog up”?

The scalp acts as a protective shield. It thus is exposed to the full force of daily external aggressions, and even though this is its role, this sensitive area needs to be taken care of.

The environment almost all of us live in, in addition to a few bad habits, impact our scalp’s balance. Temperature, humidity, UV rays, pollution, smoking, new shampoos, hair dyes... these are all elements that can affect it day after day. It is therefore essential to rid the scalp of anything that can cause oiliness, dryness, itching and irritation. Cleansed and purified, the scalp can do its best at acting as a protective shield for the hair.

When should I give my scalp a purifying pamper?

Ideally, an anti-pollution routine should accompany all the important moments in your hair's life: before or after colouring to eliminate any pigment residue, after the summer when it has suffered the aggression of the chlorine + salt water + UV combo, on a daily basis if you live in the city and your hair is exposed to pollution every day, or even during periods of stress. If the changing seasons are conducive to a “ general pamper” of the body, it is up to you to feel when your hair and scalp need one. Our recommendation: an anti-pollution product once a month for dry scalps and twice for oily scalps.
There are two ways to do it: as a weekly haircare treatment incorporated into your routine all year round or in a more occasional manner, in the form of a haircare treatment during an entire week. 

Good habits

5 tips on how to purify your scalp

  • Use a gentle hair scrub (that doesn’t strip your hair) for thorough cleansing.
  • Apply a clay or nettle mask to pamper the scalp.
  • Massage your scalp well when washing your hair to reactivate microcirculation and help your scalp stay healthy.
  • Brush your hair every evening to remove impurities and pollution particles accumulated throughout the day.
  • Avoid silicone-based products that can weigh down the hair.
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What’s best for purifying the scalp? Nettle or water mint?

Water mint, nature’s detoxifier

Water mint, used by botanists at Klorane, is known for its high concentration of antioxidants. Its purifying and detoxifying powers are applied to a tailor-made haircare routine designed to naturally depollute and cleanse the scalp.

Oily scalp? Nettle to the rescue!

Nettle reveals its sebum-regulating properties in a wide range of Klorane hair products created to restore balance to your scalp. This organically grown plants acts as a “blotter” to absorb excess sebum while respecting the scalp’s PH.

The detoxifying powers of water mint

Klorane botanists have chosen Mentha aquatica L due to its high concentration of antioxidants. Derived from organic farming, its anti-pollutant properties are scientifically proven, making it perfect for your hair and scalp.

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Do you know how to care for your hair?

A good haircare routine should have 3 steps, after identifying the needs of your scalp and hair lengths.

Arnaud Laures, pharmacist


How to tackle the problem at its roots 

Oily roots are the result of an overproduction of sebum that affect the scalp. By adopting the right practices and with good naturally-derived ingredients such as nettle, you can help your scalp regain its balance and give your hair back its shine. 

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