Coloured hair

Coloured hair

Because your hair sees all kinds of colours, discover our range of natural and vegan products with Pomegranate, known for its natural antioxidant properties, designed to protect and strengthen coloured hair. For intense, colourful hair — and personality!

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Preserve the natural shine of your colour gently with our range of products for coloured hair. Discover our shampoos, conditioners and creams formulated with Pomegranate extracts. Designed just for you, they are made in France with respect for the environment* and all the players in the production cycle.  

Care for coloured hair: the guarantee of long-lasting protection and hold

Colouring alters the quality of your hair. Protect it with care products containing natural active ingredients!

Chocolate brown, Venetian blonde, honey chestnut. You’ve chosen your colour carefully and want to enjoy its intensity for as long as possible. But it seems to be fading and your hair is looking tired. And for good reason! By penetrating the heart of the hair fibre, the colour pigments weaken it structurally. In this weakened state, it’s more sensitive to external aggressions. Its texture changes. It becomes brittle and your colour fades. Therefore your dyed or highlighted hair needs more moisturising and care than natural hair. Maintaining its strength, shine and health requires special care.

Our care products protect your coloured hair 

It's settled! Your black hair will stay ebony for as long as possible. Your hair will stay soft and shiny. To achieve this, it’s essential to include specific products in your hair routine. They will protect your hair from root to tip and prevent colour fading.

Our hair care products for coloured hair, featuring naturally derived active ingredients, meet these expectations perfectly. Made in France, they also respect strict values of traceability and eco-responsibility*. The plants we use are grown in accordance with their natural cycle and the ecosystem in which they evolve. This sustainable approach* allows us to offer you formulas crafted with high-quality plant active ingredients.

Colour-Enhancing shampoos and treatments: your new beauty routine for coloured hair

Fix your colour in place with our Pomegranate Shampoo

The shampoo is specifically formulated for colour-treated hair. Rich in pomegranate bark extract, it gently sets your colour in place. The first step to prepare your hair for the right care.

Restore your hair fibre with our anti-fade shampoo

In addition to its cleansing and protective qualities, the Pomegranate anti-fade shampoo has repairing properties. Formulated without sulphates, it treats the surface of the hair by encouraging its cuticles to close. The pigments of your colour are thus naturally trapped and your fibre regenerated. Now your hair is ready to retain its shine for a long time.

Detangle and nourish your hair with our conditioner featuring naturally derived ingredients

Our Pomegranate conditioner instantly detangles and prolongs the shine of your colour. How? By deeply moisturising and coating the hair fibre. Over 90% of women who tested it were satisfied with its nourishing properties. Used every time you wash, it guarantees silky hair and revived colour.

Protect your hair by applying our brightening cream

Opt for effective everyday care with our Pomegranate leave-in cream. It does not need to be rinse out and enhances your colour immediately after application. It is also crafted with 95% naturally derived extracts. An anti-UV filter completes its protective formula.

Klorane colour-treated hair care: responsible production* enhanced by cosmetic expertise

A plant-based active ingredient selected for its nourishing qualities

The natural substance that makes up our products for coloured hair comes from the bark of the pomegranate tree trunk. It contains tannin and antioxidants, Whose high binding power on keratin provides the hair with long-lasting shine and protection.

Produced with respect for nature*

The Moroccan farmers who produce Pomegranate are selected for their high standards of environmental responsibility and traceability. The traditional cultivation methods they use guarantee optimal conservation of the plant's natural properties. Its virtues are thus revealed through our care, to bring you all the benefits of lasting colour while protecting the plant and its ecosystem.

An eco-responsible design*

Protecting the environment sits at the heart of Klorane's values*. This is reflected, in particular, in our eco-designed packaging and products. The shampoo bottles (excluding cap) in the Colour-Enhancing range are made from 50% recycled plastic. Our products are biodegradable**, or contain 95% naturally derived ingredients.

Dermatologically tested care for coloured hair

Klorane puts its pharmaceutical knowledge to work in its care products for colour-treated hair. All our products are subject to satisfaction surveys with a panel of consumers and reliable dermatological tests.



**Acording to test OECD 301B

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