Oily hair

Oily hair

It’s no use: your scalp is getting greasy too quickly! Rid your hair of excess sebum thanks to Organic Nettle, with its sebum-reducing properties, in a complete care range for oily hair. With its natural and vegan formulas, your hair will be lastingly cleansed. Your hair will feel light and free—and it will thank you!

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Care for oily hair: solutions with naturally derived active ingredients

Sebum is a natural component of the scalp. It serves as a protective film against external aggressions and dehydration. When there is a sufficient amount of sebum, everything is fine, and our hair is radiant and silky. But under the effect of certain factors, this fragile balance can break down. Stress, pollution, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, inadequate care; there are many causes of greasy hair and it’s sometimes difficult to identify them.  

Faced with these aggressions, the sebaceous glands begin to produce excess sebum that weighs the hair down. The hair then becomes oily and tends to get greasy quickly after each wash. A vicious circle begins. Moreover, oily roots are often accompanied by dandruff and dry, sometimes brittle, ends. Fortunately, this phenomenon is reversible, and solutions exist to restore the hair's shine and lightness.

Klorane Laboratories, specialists in botanical-inspired care, have developed innovative and effective approaches to gently combat these minor hair issues. Our care products for oily hair highlight all the benefits of nature for the health and beauty of your hair in all circumstances.

Nature, an ally of care for oily hair

For over 50 years, Klorane laboratories have been committed to offering quality care products featuring natural ingredients carefully selected for the benefit of everyone and with respect for the environment. It is the combination of science and botany that has given rise to a wide range of products for your beauty.

Among them are our products for oily hair. Oily hair needs special attention. This requires purifying products that respect the scalp and remive excess sebum without weighing down the hair. With this in mind, Klorane has developed a range of gentle, natural products specially designed for hair that tends to be greasy.

The first step towards healthy hair is a good wash with a shampoo that suits your hair type. Nettle works wonders by removing excess sebum. This is the commitment of our Organic Nettle Shampoo. Oily hair tends to get greasy very quickly. Our Dry Shampoo with Nettle, just as effective as its liquid version, allows you to space out your shampoos. Quick, easy and to help save water! To complete the benefits of the shampoo, we advise to use a conditioner to apply on the lengths to smooth the hair, make detangling easier, and leave it shiny. 

Focus on our solutions and rebalancing care for your oily hair

Our Nettle shampoo for an absorbing effect

Discover our oily hair shampoo with Nettle extracts, featuring a cleansing base that respects the hair and the balance of the scalp. The sebum removing and astringent action of Nettle helps to limit flakes and tone the scalp, while providing a gentle and pleasant cleansing experience. This keeps the hair soft and airy, While shampooing gradually becomes less frequent. This product is available in 200ml.

Our dry shampoo with Nettle: a quick and eco-conscious* alternative for oily hair

Klorane's Dry Shampoo with White Nettle first appeared in 1971, causing a small revolution in the hair care market. Just 50 years later, the success of this innovative product continues to live on. Due to its simple and quick use, it still offers just as much satisfaction by bringing cleanliness and volume to greasy hair. Its unique formula, combining nettle and absorbent powders, provides deep cleansing and helps to space out shampoos. Another advantage is that it saves water (about 500 litres per year by replacing one shampoo per week with the dry shampoo). Available in 150 ml.

Nature to the rescue of oily hair

By choosing Klorane products, you are opting for a dermo-cosmetic brand that cares about the well-being of its customers and is respectful of nature*. All our products are made in France from carefully selected active ingredients. Our commitment is based on transparent and responsible scientific ethics. Our packaging (excluding cap) is recyclable and the plants that form the basis of our products are harvested with total respect for the surrounding ecosystem*. Whatever your needs, our wish is to provide you with an effective and personalised solution through natural products that have a soul.

Our care for oily hair is available in a range of 2 complementary products that offer balance and purity to your scalp without harming it. We rely on a strict development charter to offer you effective and safe products. You too can choose the right care for your oily hair and enjoy the benefits of nature for beautifully revitalised locks!



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